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Larry Reddington releases ‘When You Gonna Learn’ EP + download MP3

Larry Reddington

Larry Reddington isn’t a new kid on the block. Not by any means. At age of 67 (68 in July) he’s been spicing up people’s lives musically since the 1950′s. From Oxford, England and originally a drummer, Larry has some pretty interesting rock n roll stories to tell …

Inchworm ‘Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing’ review + CD Release Show, Chicago!!

Inchworm - Sheep In Wolf's Clothing

It’s so refreshing putting on music that when the first breath of a note begins, you can already tell the sweetness of what’s to come. Inchworm captures that sweetness with ease throughout “Simple Days Without Money”, the breezy, catchy opening track on their EP ‘Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing’ …

A Thousand Suns ‘Destroy Create’ review

A Thousand Suns

A Thousand Suns is an up and coming band from South Wales, set to release their debut EP, ‘Destroy Create’. The three founding members Dan Greenall, Tom Latham and Joe Latham formed the band in 2006 (with the later addition of Super G on bass), and in the past year have played all over South Wales … Read the review!