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Joe Satriani EXCLUSIVE interview

Guitar legend Joe Satriani has released an amazing 14 solo albums (two went platinum and four gold with 15 Grammy nominations between them) – his first album, ‘Not Of This Earth’ was released in 1986.

Joe Satriani
His latest release, Live in Paris: I Just Wanna Rock!, a two-disc CD and DVD, is out in February 2010. The show was recorded in 2008 at The Grand Rex Theater in Paris, France.

Happy birthday, Jimi Hendrix! Watch The Wind Cries Mary vs Muse video

Jimi Hendrix

With a special occasion like Jimi Hendrix’s birthday (27 November 1942), I thought it apropos to scroll through YouTube videos and look for something unique to post. It’s not as easy finding undiscovered videos as it used to be, though. Rare Jimi Hendrix footage that I’ve found in the past on YouTube …

Rock Band game, song list + watch video demo review

Rock Band

The Rock Band video game has been released and for some gamers, Christmas has come early. Developed by Boston based video game company Harmonix (Go Red Sox), and acquired by MTV in 2006, Rock Band is all the rage. Some people are saying it’s the best music video game they’ve ever played and god forbid, that it’s even better than Guitar Hero …

Souljacker live at the Temple Bar Oxford review


One of the best things about discovering bands and listening to new music online is when you can turn what initially begins as a virtual experience into a live music experience. The first time that I heard Souljacker was on their Myspace page after I was tipped off by a friend to check them out …

Electric Violinist James Sudakow Releases Instrumental Progressive Rock Album Green

James Sudakow is a musician with an imaginative and groundbreaking approach to the electric violin and viola. Classically trained since the age of four, he has modified his training to revise the instrument’s sound and potential. The artist uses a heavy distortion to play both lead and guitar like riffs and rhythm sections in much […]

James Sudakow releases Green

Electric violin player James Sudakow credits rock guitarists with giving him the inspiration to create his musical progressive rock expedition. The list is impressive, Jimi Hendrix, Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction, Camp Freddy, Panic Channel), and Vernon Reid (Living Colour) are the top three six-string innovators that Sudakow points to as his mentors in sound. Green […]