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Janie Jones (Strummerville)It's because of the new Babyshambles & Friends release, a cover of The Clash's brilliant song "Janie Jones" that brought the new cd Janie Jones (Strummerville) to my attention. There's more behind the appropriately named cd than meets the eye though, as it's to benefit the charity organization The Joe Strummer Foundation For New Music.

The mission statement on the Strummerville website states:

"Following Joe Strummer's untimely passing, his family and friends have launched Strummerville a charitable foundation for the production of new music.

The main aim of Strummerville is to provide rehearsal space and studio time to individuals, groups and organisations to enable the production of music by creative young people who would otherwise be preventing from doing so simply because they lack the necessary funds.

Our ultimate aim is to have 'Strummerville' studios in key locations around the world."

The Joe Strummer Foundation for New Music is a great idea and is very much needed here in the UK and around the world as the mission states. Music is a way of life and has become, or maybe has always been, somewhat of a necessity for a lot of people. Because of that some *not all* studios will take advantage and charge more money than necessary for musicians to record their music. Of course home studios and the use of recording software such as apple's GarageBand are great alternatives for recording music, but those aren't always the easiest path for some to take. There's nothing better than to walk into the studio and have a knowledgeable engineer and good equipment available during the recording process.

How ironic that there are companies out there making millions selling products that play music for consumers to hear like stereo systems, mp3 players, studios making thousands to record music etc., and yet there are so many musicians out there who are creating the music for the consumers' enjoyment, but are struggling through life just trying to make ends meet.

Strummerville is an important step to making more people aware that bands and musicians need help to create and to record the music that we all want to hear!

Watch the video for 'Janie Jones' by Babyshambles and Friends:

The single features contributions from 21 other artists: Carl Barat, the Rakes, Mystery Jets, The Holloways, We Are Scientists, The Paddingtons, Larrikin Love, Cazals, Noisettes, Good Books, Lady Fuzz, Kooks, Jack Penate, Laura Marling, Maccabees, Lisa Moorish, Light Speed Champ (Test Icicles), Jamie T, Jeremy Warmsley, Guillemots with three versions of 'Janie Jones': Main Version, Pete Doherty Version and Statik Remix. The single is released by B-Unique Records and was recorded at The Whirling Dervish and Oilsville studio in Holloway and was produced by Statik and Drew McConnell.

All proceeds from the single will go to Strummerville (the Joe Strummer Foundation for New Music).

To make donations go to

Strummerville's Official Website
Strummerville on Myspace

By: Jenny May

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