Lin Rountree set to dazzle WEIB fans in Northhampton MA

Lin RountreeLin Rountree will be playing live with WEIB FM, Thursday May 26th 2007 at The Panorama in North Hampton, MA.

During the past few years, Lin Rountree has been at the forefront of the Detroit music scene. He's shared the stage and/or studio with notable artists KEM, Chante Moore, Peter White, Tim Bowman, Carl Thomas, Deitrick Hadden, Steve Cole, Donnel Jones and numerous others.

Lin's debut project, GROOVETREE (BDK Records 2005), released to rave reviews from key industry leaders:

"Occasionally a fresh voice unfolds in the world of smooth jazz...Rountree's tone is lyrically attractive; his compositions have substance mixed with maturity, vision and purpose...GROOVETREE should easily surpass the boundaries of smooth jazz by blending into R&B and Contemporary Jazz genres without any difficulty" - Smooth Jazz Germany

"The smooth, progressive beats and rhythms are tantalizing and can send the listener into a virtual groove-based trance. The CD also features Detroit-based recording artist Tim Bowman on the opening..." - David Watkins, Michigan Chronicle

For the latest live show dates and information go to Lin Rountree Official Website

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