K4 – Emperor CD review

Krescent 4K4 (Krescent 4) has unleashed their powerful music for the first time in a full-length release titled Emperor. I have been waiting a long time for this and I am glad to say that having patience does pay off; well it has with this CD. Yes sir, the boys are back in town, they have arrived locked and loaded.

I always felt I was left wanting for more after hearing one of the K4 EP releases. It never seemed fair to have just a taste. Perhaps this was a good setup for me, it certainly created some anticipation on my behalf because I always felt this band was major league, just waiting for the right time and opportunity to cut loose and lay all their cards on the table. I think with Emperor K4 have reached a level of maturity as a band and it will be the final step in their quest for a worldwide following. It is a cool thing to follow a band and watch them grow up and I have had the pleasure to do that with K4.

Kris Keller plays some great guitar on every track and Stimy is back to front the band with vocals that always seems to fit the momentum of the band at that particular moment. Adam Nine (bass) and Kurt Keller (drums) are a tightly knit rhythm section that allow Kris to lay down his pinpoint and powerful guitar licks to push their sound into hyperactive mode. Once again, the sound and production is clean, crisp, and electric from beginning to end. I would expect nothing less from this band.

Rock and metal heads will gobble up this music in a heartbeat and once the word gets out I cannot see why some of the major labels will not be pursuing K4. They certainly have what it takes, the appeal, sound, and looks of a young, exciting, loud, hard, and fast group ready for a challenge.

My picks for radio play are “Amorican,” a tough in your face reality check on life in America, and “No Consequence,” which flirts with being a ballad but jumps back and forth from a soft to hard. It gives the listener a chance to hear the overall talent and versatility the band is capable of yet they maintain their hard rock edge so they do not lose the core audience that is listening in the first place.

So there you have it, 12 new tracks ready to rock down the house and take K4 and their fans to a new level. I enjoy this band because they know how to mix it up regarding intensity, grit, tenacity and just enough polish and production techniques to keep it real and fresh for all of us listeners Ready 2 Rock.

Artist: K4

Title: Emperor

Genre: Rock-Metal

Label: Noteborn Music


01. Hoagland (2:52)
02. Emperor (2:44)
03. Teeth (3:26)
04. Amorican (3:20)
05. Dark Valentine (3:30)
06. Devil (3:21)
07. Valentine (3:45)
08. Flying Blind (4:09)
09. 9 Guts (3:43)
10. Satellite (3:19)
11. Lost Child (4:03)
12. No Consequence (3:44)

K4 Is:
Kris Keller-guitar
Adam Nine-bass
Kurt Keller-drums

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