Eighteen Nightmares At The Lux – 6ft 6 video

Eighteen Nightmares At The Lux

Eighteen Nightmares At The Lux have streamed new track “6ft 6″ this December as a taster for their forthcoming four-track EP ‘PIG’, out in early 2014.

Formed in London in 2011, Eighteen Nightmares At The Lux have steadily carved out a niche sound for themselves by trading in Kraut-rock and psychedelic influences for a sound that encapsulates elements of horrorcore a ‘la early Cramps, psychobilly and the frenetic garage punk of 80’s Matchbox B-Line Disaster.

“6ft 6″, the first taster released from the new EP, perfectly showcases the band’s unique style with its fucked-up marriage of dramatic vocals, guitars that balance between deranged surf-punk and sinister garage riffs, and a rhythm section as unpredictable as the band’s influences.

Completely disregarding safer retro influences and gravitating towards more obscure sounds, Eighteen Nightmares At The Lux have found themselves pioneering the next wave of UK-based acts trading substance over style. It’s no surprise then that already in their career they frequently share stages with fellow envelope-pushers like Nicole Saboune, Bad For Lazarus, God Damn, Ashestoangels, LOOM and classic Liverpudian Art Punk band Deaf School.

In grooming their own unique sound, the band’s new ‘PIG’ EP was produced and mixed by the band themselves and recorded at Bowerman Studios. ‘PIG’ will be released on Dust Devil Sounds in February 2014.

Eighteen Nightmares At The Lux – 6ft 6 video:

“Debuached psychobilly thrills with no small amount of style and grace” Clash Magazine

“Rock ‘n’ roll with scuzz and swagger thrown in” DIY

“More than an undead whiff of The Cramps about it” The Fly

“The Cramps and the Sonics have grandchildren. Nasty ones!” Les Inrocks

Photo credit: R Gershinson

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