Wendy Alane Wright ABC's "Fat March" an amazing experience

Fat March was an AMAZING experience. Obviously cramming 10 weeks of walking into 6 episodes is going to be a difficult thing this season, but the fact is, everything you see actually happens. This reality TV show is all reality. Not 1 word is scripted. I know that from 1st hand participation. All the producers and crew were lovely and walked right along side of us, every grueling step. I was proud of them and our cast. This show is about WALKING. Walking can get you fit. Period. You don't need elaborate equipment, a trainer (although we had two good ones) You just have to get off your bum and WALK! Walking is what we do naturally and practically everyone can do it. Eat "snack sized meals" and healthy snacks in between so that you are eating every 3 hours or so.

Losing weight is not a mystery or as Fat March trainer Steve Pfesiter says, "there is no magic bullet." You have to get moving and do portion size control. That's it! During the show we were taught that and we walked our bums off in all kinds of weather and terrain. Of course people at home aren't going to walk 15 miles daily typically. Who has time for that? And people at home aren't going to lose 50 - 100 pounds in 10 weeks. This is television. The weight loss will be dramatic. But people at home can steadily lose weight, lower their blood pressure, get healthier, feel better every week if they simply walk and reduce their portion sizes.

If you want to learn more about changing your life, your weight, your career, your relationships I highly suggest you read my book "Contrary Action" available on my website www.wendywright.biz in e-book form. I have made many significant changes in my life that I share in the book and YOU too can make significant changes in YOUR life. Each chapter addresses specific issues and give specific steps you can take. Take these steps with me and I promise your life will take a turn in new direction...towards who you REALLY want to be! I've quit drinking, smoking, lost weight, have a wonderful marriage, a career I love, money in the bank and I'll tell you it was not like that 5 years ago. How did I do it? Read CONTRARY ACTION and I will personally share my secrets with you.

It says in the FAT MARCH intro I went on Fat March so I could lose weight and get on stage again, singing to promote my fantastic new CD "As I AM" which can be purchased at CDBABY.com or at my website www.wendywright.biz (A shameless plug :) But the fact is I did it! I accomplished my goal. I am back on stage singing again. My first show was the other night at a beautiful club in LA, just me with Rita Coolidge's piano player. I brought the house down!

I loved the FAT MARCH, I'm back on stage again and it has changed my way of thinking about food and exercise. I am grateful for the experience and the life long friends I have made. I am also humbled by and grateful for the people I have the opportunity to help and motivate to become their very BEST! I truly love people and want to see each and every person fulfill their potential. Whatever you want in life, you can do it! I believe in you and I am 100% behind you!

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