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A few years ago before the internet was as BIG as it is now, I remember thinking about all the bands that were out there playing music that I had never heard of. Bands that I would never hear. I felt out of control.

Sure, there were bands that I loved listening to on mainstream radio and seeing play live in my area, but I was fully aware of the fact that there was no way that I was even getting a fraction of what was really going on musically around the country – or the world for that matter.

Fast forward to the present, and luckily the internet has been a key to helping solve my quandary. I can now easily access bands’ music online, however, the amount of music seems infinite and overwhelming at times, which can also hinder the process of discovering new bands.

I started because I wanted a place online where I could help myself and others discover new music and to spread the GOOD word about bands, musicians and artists – established and new. Signed and unsigned. All genres. Everywhere. I love receiving emails from bands and artists wanting to share their music. I also enjoy publishing their information on

There has been a large volume of news, music and review requests coming into my inbox as of late, and it frustrates me that I can’t publish all of it, as there’s only one me here, and only so many hours in the day.

At this point, my solution to this problem is to ask bands, musicians and artists to please leave a comment (not too long) with information about your music along with a couple links, so that readers can learn about you, listen to you – and hopefully buy your music.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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By: Jenny May

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  1. This is K, one half of the upcoming music production team Splitting Image. I recently produced a new hip-hop instrumental called Trappin Ain’t Dead. The beat is a classic example of hip-hop music with a taste of what is commonly referred to as “trap” music. Trap music is simply hip-hop music that everyone from rough neighbors and the street life can relate to. Rap artists can easily create a hot freestyle or track with this beat.

    Everyone can listen to Trappin Ain’t Dead on the Splitting Image reverbnation music page: Also, listen to the beats by my partner Hood Angel.

    The video for Trappin Ain’t Dead is coming really soon!

  2. Hi guys and girls,

    My band Verona Lights have just released our first single from our up coming album.
    The single is titled ‘Water Colour’ and is available on iTunes, you can also hear it on our website, along with 2 other tracks from the album.
    Also on our website you can find links to all of our other pages – facebook/twitter etc.


  3. Martian Sun is a state of fluid and constant motion; notes that circle, and weave – pulsating- bending and flexing in such a way so as to captivate and freeze, harvesting complete and undiluted attention. Its conclusion is simply its genesis.

    Have a listen at any of these places:

  4. This is Really New and Unheard Music.

    I was born into a musical family, but had my families failures put on me at a young age. I was Discouraged from playing or getting into music (In hopes I would pursue a Reliable Career Path).

    This was acceptable up until last year. My mother went in for Thyroid Surgery it was a very emotional moment in our lives. I came home to take care of her and one day she overheard me singing and playing guitar. She asked her husband to Record what she heard for her recovery time.

    Since then a spark came over me and I have unloaded 20 songs and counting onto our list. With My Step Dad, My Real Dad, Friends and other family members contributing this is Really starting to Come together.

    On top of this Current Project I am Working with several bands and dozens of musicians. Creating new songs, melodies, harmonies, Signature Riffs, videos and Always Supporting Fellow Musicians. Forever Grateful for the positive Vibes Moving forward on this New Found Passion. I am finally in the full Throttle Joy that My life Really Needed.

    Music really has a profound effect on us all, I know these songs will connect with you.

    The songs can be found on

    I am always happy to Collaborate and Keep in Touch.

    Thanks for Reading this far :~) Sending everyone my very best and excited to hear back.

    ~Bon Evans

    Reverb ~
    Twitter ~
    Site ~
    YouTube ~

  5. Hi :)

    I’m very pleased to share with You my music.
    The song is entitled “I Hope You’ll Come Back”.
    You can download it for free and show to the others if You like it.
    I’m looking for a record label for my album (15 pop-acoustic-soul-country songs).
    I would be grateful for any help or advise :)

  6. Upcoming pop/r&b singer Leshai just released her new single “Rest of My Life.” The single is the second release from the singer’s soon to be released EP, “Get Like Me.”

    The r&b track was produced by production duo Splitting Image.

    The single is available on reverbnation and will be featured on the 5-track EP that will be released digitally on Nov. 16. The EP will contain 5 new songs from Leshai with genres ranging from r&b to rock.

  7. RkDeepLove Records was founded in 2012 by the Ioana Iancu and Andrei Chirvase. RkDeepLove is dedicated to promoting electronic music. Since its inception, RkDeepLove Records has become established as a highly respected electronic music label.The label structured its services to give over looked talent a chance to express their music in a creative way that would make an impact on the music industry; the label’s intention is to go international by creating new outlets to keep up with the high demands of the music industry.
    Breaks / Drum And Bass / Dubstep stuff
    Ez Breaks
    The Flashback Project
    Vazteria X
    Tony Lizana
    Unconscious Perception
    Dj Hook

    For promos, demos, remix & production requests:

    We only accept demos through private SoundCloud links sent to [email protected]
    or you can use the SoundCloud dropbox. (add all your contact info in the email or SoundCloud track)

  8. Several Conclusions is a spooky Americana project that invokes old ghosts and whiskey soaked roads. In 2008 “songs for the half awake” was released. A dark portrait of a wayward traveler featuring musical saw, banjo and acoustic guitar. Every song sung from the bottom of a bourbon bottle. In 2011 “how we passed” was released a slightly less dark album featuring folk magic and stories of cold rivers and men that fall in love with Banshees. These sounds can be found across the internet on itunes, spotify and many more. The newly created website features adventures in sound and interaction. Give it a listen on a cold grey day and enjoy. Thanks for listening!

  9. Hey everyone!

    My band, The Nature, is an Alternative Rock 4 piece out of Southern California. Some of our influences are Circa Survive, Manchester Orchestra and Portugal. The Man. We have only recorded one song thus far but we were recently signed to an LA based indie label and we are recording an entire EP in January!

    Please check us out and like our page!

    Thanks and have a great day!

  10. Jakob22 returns with another video, letting the world into his crazy warped world of nightmares and dreams. This time he doesn’t come alone, as he brings long time collaborator PeepSho. The two rock on the edge of darkness with the new track ” My Sins”.

    “My Sins” is the 4th video released off the album Dreamstate 2: The REM Effect. It continues on the dark journey that Jakob22 has been carrying us on in the last 2 years,

    PeepSho is a name that all who follow Toronto Hip Hop should definatly recognize. PeepSho returns reincarnated as the masked rapper GULLY GATES. Showing off his multiple talents as he sings on the chorus and drops a great 3rd verse

    My Sins is produced by 2Deep Production and is available on the album Dreamstate 2: The REM Effect Available for Free Download at

    *Official Video* My Sins

    My Sins

  11. We’re Akoko, a Washington DC based band / hip hop duo founded by members Sloane Amelia & Sugg Savage. Combining influences from rock, hip hop, the 90s, consciousness, and caribbean upbringings, with a dash of peculiarity. Akoko means noise makers. Our mission is to inspire the world one song at a time and to bring our queud visions to life.

    For Band Inquiries, Bookings, Or Other Info Email Us At: [email protected]

    Twitter: @whynotakoko

  12. “Fans of acoustic music will come to dig Brother Monk. His style of singing is very easy going, steeped in soulful and romantic lyricism. Each of his songs will place listeners in a soothing mood, and the artist has a talent for placing listeners in an emotional frame of mind. These songs will remind fans of unrequited love and passion of the human spirit.

    The acoustics in each of the songs is a signature factor with this artist, and he excels on many levels in making the guitar unique and engaging with each song. His songs have no monotony, and his music delves into the basic essence of human expression and emotional out-pouring. Fans of romantic songs and acoustics will come to enjoy this singer’s talent for playing the guitar with a clear singing voice. This is not to say that his songs are love ballads, but he has a knack for creating music that will touch people’s hearts.”


  13. From humble beginnings rehearsing in a Glue Factory, an old Dentist Surgery, and a studio once used by The Lighthouse Family (until it flooded), Peculiar Disco Moves have evolved into a band that glorifies the trials and tribulations of raw British life within the boundaries of their own unique brand of feelgood, fun, inspiring progressive-pop narratives. We have an exciting upcoming EP release, accompanied by a launch party at the Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle Upon Tyne on 12th April.

    Here are the links to hear their EP (tracks are in order the appear on the EP):

    ‘Automatic Choice’
    ‘What Did You Do Today’

  14. Hey Guys,

    I’m Jack and I’m the lead singer and guitar player of a band called The Grade, we have a couple of demos out and I’d like to see what people think of them, they are in their early stages at the moment to be honest but all feedback will be great!

    We apparently sound like a mixture of arctic monkeys and early muse ( first album ) i think that’s the best album ;)

    Let me know what you think:

  15. Hi.
    The Late Yetis are awesome. You need to know their music. Their music will make your life infinitely better. If you are reading this, then you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be a part of a life changing movement.
    Here is a link to our E.P on our Soundcloud page:
    Here is a link to one of our music videos on Youtube:
    And if you really like us (like we think you will) – here’s our facebook page :
    Love, The Late Yetis. =)

  16. This site is awesome, I am excited to stumble upon it and discover new artist’s sch as myself. I am just beginning to get back out there again after a short hiatus. I recently went in the studio with Branon Saller of Atreyu and recorded an e.p. that he and myslef produced. He also played drums on it. I am really stoked to release it May 7th. You can hear a song at or and check out some clips of the others at Hope everyone likes it.
    Las Vegas

  17. Bob Romanus, who played Mike Damone in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, is one half of the musical duo Poppa’s Kitchen. And while his acting résumé certainly brings out the where-are-they-now lookyloos, one listen to the music he makes with partner Steve Feldman turns all comers into believers.
    For decades, Feldman and Romanus have been hand-crafting folk rock songs for their own enjoyment and sharing it in intimate venues. And though their latest album, Just So You Know, maintains this raw intimacy, it also throws open the doors to introduce Poppa’s Kitchen to a much wider audience.

    But words are no match for music – so have a listen. The title track from their latest album, Just So You Know, is a fitting entrée into Poppa’s Kitchen. From the first chord of “Just So You Know,” it feels like we’re being shared the heaviest of burdens, being shown a heart worn threadbare. Throughout, Romanus’ bourbon-soaked confessions ring so familiar that we could confuse them with our own. And the rock hymnal arrangement climbs the steps to a righteous church that echoes of Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, and Tom Waits.

    The entire album can be heard here: You can also check out or @PoppasKitchen.

  18. I just released my third vocal album, Troubleshoot The Moon, featuring a mix of personal and political songs backed by a funky, folksy, electronic big band soundtrack. For free samples, lyrics, and the latest news, visit (especially if you like Beck, Sufjan Stevens, Santigold, or other eclectic artists!)

  19. Here’s our new single ‘Drowning In The Drought’ which was released on 4th may, please download and give it a listen. We’d love to know what you think:
    The band is based in Salford, England and we’ve been going for five years now. We are currently looking for a drummer and this single was actually done between just two people (Doug: Vox, synth, guitar), and Neil (Bass, vox, drums). Despite being drummerless (we are currently auditioning) we have carried on with just two members (who are the founding members and write all the material) via sheer belligerence and experimentation. We have set up the “Rain City Sessions” as a means of showcasing our songs in a different way (ie adapted versions as we are not a full band at the moment). Please check out the link below from our youtube channel ‘Malevolent Multimedia’:
    For photos, homegrown music videos, a full bio, other past reviews, facebook link and more please visit our official website (

  20. Paolo Morena. Live Looper. One Man Band.

    Paolo Morena is one of the most well known and respected faces on the Essex Music scene, and has spent most of his life singing and performing, either in bands or as now, as a solo act.

    When you meet Paolo, and when you see him on stage, it is obvious that he is one of those people born to perform, born to be a musician. He writes beautiful hook laden melodies, and sings them with a passion that is honest and believable. He has that gift of being able to write songs that are very personal, and yet universal at the same time. Listen to “Peace of Mind”, “Mission In Me” and “Oh Yeah’ and you feel the emotion of the lyric – and then listen to tracks like “Queen of The Party Scene” and “Saturday Night” and you hear great story telling that puts a smile on your face.

    In performance, Paolo brings a whole new dimension to his songs as he uses live looping on stage – effectively becoming a one- man band. It is incredibly to watch, and marks Paolo out as a very special and unique performer.

    Please check out Paolo’s new song ‘REVENGE’ .

  21. The Band – Holocene

    We are a Birmingham Based Indie band that formed in September 2011 after discovering a mutual love for music. The band consists of four high school friends which each have an eclectic music taste which contributes to the unique sound we create. Although we do have acquired tastes we do reach common ground on bands such as: Kings of Leon, The Clash, Velvet Underground, The Cribs and Foals; all bands with a predominant guitar sound, which hopefully you’ll see in our track below.

    Flaws In Us All- was recorded over Christmas 2012 at Magic garden studios, Wolverhampton, with Gavin Monaghan (Editors/ Twang).

    Unreleased track –


    Sound Cloud (released tracks) –

    Press Quotes:

    “The four lads from Oldbury have been making waves in the West Midlands music scene throughout this year and were even given a ringing endorsement by Carl Barat from the Libertines.”

    – Halesowen News

    “These youngsters go by the name of ‘Holocene’ and if you like The Undertones, The Smiths, The Arctic Monkeys and Foals you will adore these boys.”

    – Enjoy Bearwood Blog

  22. Cosmic Shakedown. REAL ROCK N’ ROLL IS ON CPR — LETS FIGHT TO SAVE IT !!! Look no furthur…..

    The fact is — this world is turning into one giant corporate cesspool of fake processed junk…It has soiled everything — even MUSIC ! What passes for “rock” these days — blows and is sad. It is anything BUT genuine rock n’ roll, and THAT is what earth needs .

    We are a rock n’ roll band and we have been kickin’ around Buffalo NY & abroad for 2 years and got something cool brewing up. We just put out a brand new EP, – ‘Mammoth Sessions’ . We would love for you to hear it ! And tell us what you think? Do your thing . Hell, we want anyone to hear it! haha anyone out there??

    Peace and let us know ! Any advice or help would be GREATLY appreciated — we want to learn !!!

    rock n’ roll will not die on our watch- we are pretty much raw, straight up, heart on sleeve, bluesy rock n’ roll but all thru modern eyes .

  23. The Baltic States is an alternative indie band based in North-West, UK. It blends minimal techno, big-beat and IDM with hypnotic, soaring vocal-melodies in order to create an exciting new sound. The band consists of Jev Maligins – a former member of Beat Milk Jugs (TV Records) – and Helen Morrisson, lead-vocalist and multi-instrumentalist with The Wretched Pearls.
    The Baltic States has recently released its debut single, ‘Kontrol’, which has been well-received by both radio and social media platforms, and is currently preparing to take its music directly to live audiences. With evocative visuals and exhilarating collaborations with other first-rate musicians, these performances will be far more than mere duplications of the studio recordings.


  24. I’ve just finished my debut EP called “2 of a Kind” i know everyone must get a lot of “could you pls take a few seconds to listen to my tracks” and I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t have to but i really want to be heard and get music out.
    So if you could just spare a few minutes of your time or however many seconds or minutes you could willing to give me to listen to my tracks it would mean the world to me, I’d really appreciate anything.
    So if you re bore surfing the web or on Facebook or just chilling or whatever
    Please take a few minutes to help me out just by listening to like one of my tracks
    Hey you might even like it

  25. I am a vocalist, composer and multi-instrumentalist from Salisbury, MD, and I would like to present my debut avant-prog solo album, ‘Interior City’ by The Gabriel Construct. The album features ex-Periphery members Travis Orbin and Tom Murphy. It was engineered by Garrett Davis (The Devil Wears Prada, Train, Shinedown) and mixed/mastered by Taylor Larson (Periphery, Life on Repeat, Conditions).


  26. Hello! I represent the Prog-Indie/Alternative band Ravens Ballroom from NJ/NYC area and they have recently released their debut EP Rain Dance. I am curious to know if you would be interested in taking a listen and perhaps doing your own review on it! I hope you enjoy it!!

    Thank you,

    Michael Arbitblit
    Executive Manager
    Magnetic Management

  27. Please check out the all girl group Sweet Deviate from Wollongong, Australia on YouTube.
    Alex – lead vocals , Kerie – lead guitar, Belinda – rhythm guitar, Elissa – bass guitar, heidi – drums.

  28. After nine albums worth of material and an acclaimed eponymous release in 2010, RON is back with their tenth album. Batch 10” Art is an action-packed romp through the warped musical mind of an endlessly entertaining band.

    The band is comprised of Chicago music veterans Ryan Behling (vocals/keys/bass), Scott Shellberg (bass/guitar/vocals) and Mike Maerz (drums/percussion/vocals). The trio wrote and recorded these tracks in their Whale’s Mouth East and Whale’s Mouth West studios in Chicago in the midst of broadcasting the first season of their Internet TV series.

  29. Hey, if you get the chance check out the 7 piece shoegaze/indie/dream pop band The Phantom Light. Their latest EP which came out in April called ‘Sky Lanterns EP’ can be heard from the link below:

    Below is a music video lifted from the EP

    The Greater Picture –

    & some recent pro shot live videos from St. James’ Church, Swansea:

    The Greater Picture –

    A Rose In The Avalanche –

    The Phantom light

  30. In May 2013 the world as we knew it changed. Swedish speed/thrash metal band ABOVE THE MIST released their debut EP “Tide turner”.

    If you think you’re ready for it, feel free to listen and download at the following location:
    (Also available on Spotify, iTunes, eMusic, AmazonMp3)

  31. “Music is the shorthand of emotion” ~ Leo Tolstoy
    I’m a 23 year old indie/alternative singer/songwriter based out of Rockford Illinois. I just released my first full length album entitled “Children of Ash” available free to download from But for a quick listen check out these direct links showcasing some of the various songs on the album:

  32. Great posts and comments on this blog. A really good resource for artists to be able to get their music heard. I am a new Hip hop artist out of Bronx, New York who recently released his debut single “Bring it Back” Featuring Skillandri which you can check out here.

    Also, to link up with me on all the major social networks from one place visit me on reverbnation at

    I look forward to good interactions and meeting new fans and people.

  33. I came across your blog, while blog hunting, and you don’t find too many people who can listen to various genres. Obviously you have preferences, and don’t like everything, but my genre is one I feel that you wouldn’t mind, Rap/Hip Hop.

    What I like about my music is the fact that I always talk about something that people can relate to. Hip Hop is boring, and I’m tired of hearing: Sex, Drugs, Money, Killing, etc. No, I’m not a gospel rapper, but my messages stand out from the crowd.

    Another thing I like about my music, is that I don’t use other rappers’ beats. Like I said, hip hop is boring, so I like finding new sounds for people to hear.

    Two more things I like is that I bring comedy into hip hop, because you can’t stay serious 24/7, we all have different emotions. Also I use skits in my songs, It’s one thing to talk about something, but it’s another to bring people to that world.

  34. Bruce LOK – He’s influenced by a wide range of genres from rock, folk, blues, classical, ambient and dub..and would list Rufus Wainwright, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, Kurt Cobain and Thom Yorke as his main influences.

    Since forming in 2009 Bruce Lok has performed at many venues in greater london such as 100 club and o2 indigo. He has recorded two eps with producer John Henry Poole (Cinematic Orchestra, Jack Panate). Now he’s writing with Arranger and composers Chris Elliott, Kit Wooley and Bruce Wooley on a new e.p that will be taken down a much more darker route with an overall more alternative dub step post rock emotive sound.

    SmackDown – Live at BBC Maida Vale

  35. Hi – Anyone in Austin Texas? This is a nice family friendly show with some very musically astute moments -

    From the press release:

    Experience the magic of an old time radio show, as Texas jazz musicians Alex Coke, Suzi Stern and Rich Harney bring Dylan Thomas’ beloved holiday tale to life in Austin this December. Amidst the sounds of songs, toys, and improvised music, A Child’s Christmas in Wales sparkles with surprise, inspired by the enchanting shortstory.

    The performance (and award winning CD) feature 4 new songs by pianist Harney and vocalist Stern with multi instrumentalist Coke employing a dazzling array of toys that ring, pop, whistle and sing, illuminating the original text in celebration of the season.

    An Austin holiday favorite since 2006, please join us at this year’s family friendly matinee and only public performance. Sunday, December 22, 2013 3pm at First Presbyterian Church 8001 Mesa Blvd.

    In true holiday spirit, A Child’s Christmas In Wales gives the gift of wonder and mirth to music fans, families, and children of all ages.

  36. New Christmas Single! “Get Close To You” OUT NOW! Joeleen featuring legendary Chris James. Former singer from the famous group, that were out in the 60′s “The Natural Four”.

    Joeleen and Chris are a perfect combination of Warmth and Joy that will definitely put you into The CHRISTMAS Spirit.

    You Tube Video:
    Official Website:

    “Happy Holiday’s” and Many Blessings Joeleen xxx
    CD Baby:

  37. Wolf Club Lunar Society hail from the deepest south of the river Thames. Taking inspiration from the city’s sleazy core, they set exacting vivid imagery against techno-coloured monochrome riffs. Cutting their teeth in the darkest back-alley clubs the capital has to offer, their live show is a pure encapsulation of punk rock spirit, sneering at self-restraint, tipping its hat to a time when music was more than aural-beige and your favourite band was a badge of honour.

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