The Priscillas Superhero review + video

The Priscillas - Superhero

London all girl band The Priscillas have been turning heads with their latest single "Superhero" and B-side "Y.O.Y." by touching the heartstrings of those nostalgic for late 70's punk. They also bring to the table their own style and pop sass and something tells me, their live shows are not to be missed if you're looking for a fun night out on the town.

The Priscillas formed in 2004 and as mentioned on their Myspace page, they've played shows with "Art Brut, The Pipettes, The Subways, and, uh, James Blunt" and have supported "all-time heroes such as The Damned, The Cramps, The Seeds, The Monks, and The at bigger venues, including London's Astoria." This past weekend The Priscillas played the BBC Introducing Stage at the Bestival Music Festival and went down a storm.

They have a few videos available on YouTube and they're quite a treat to watch. The video for "Superhero" features dancing Barbie dolls, red and blue satin superhero-like outfits and Superman. It's great to see a band that doesn't take themselves too seriously and yet are able to convey the talent to entertain.

I know it's not the time of year to bring up Christmas, but The Priscillas have a great Christmas song called "One Christmas Wish". The video for it is in their YouTube Profile. I see that it was added one year ago, but hopefully they'll release it as a Christmas single later this year and if they do, I would look forward to watching it climb the pop charts.

Trivia: Top designer Anna Sui mentioned The Priscillas in a recent interview with Metro New York. She saw them play in Cornwall, England while she was there for a literary festival.

Watch The Priscillas video for new single "Superhero":

The Priscillas band members are:

Jenny Drag (vocals), Guri Go-Go (guitar), Kate Kannibal (bass) and Hege Hotrod (drums).

The Priscillas Official Website
The Priscillas on Myspace
YouTube video link for "Superhero"
The Priscillas Fan Forums

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By: Jenny May - Band Weblogs

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