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Intricate Industries Podcast Episode 11 features the second half of our interview with Bowling For Soup and Army Of Freshmen where they talk about, among other things, how they've noticed the impact in declining album sales on record labels and themselves.

An extract from the interview is below:

Bowling For Soup - We've had people tell us, the success of your band level 10 years ago would be the equivalent to 3 million record sales or something multi million, times are changing people aren't buying as many records but are still getting the music. The thing for us is we want to make the music and get it out there.

Army of Freshmen - We get if you guys had existed and doing what you're doing 10 years ago you would have at least had a deal. So it becomes you know 10 years ago sounds pretty kick ass.

BFS - Just in the time we've been on a record label in the past 7 years you can see the labels becoming more tight fisted. I mean we got to see some of that money being thrown about a little bit, not like hey have some, but got taken out and did the strip club thing and seen ridiculous money thrown around. Now if we can get a rep to take us out to dinner we're like ohh cool.

AOF - It really is a trickle down effect, even before when labels were interested in us, even in a small level, there was dinner in it. Now it's like hey let's go to starbucks.

Episode 11 also features music from Lost On Landing, Two Hours Traffic and Off Broadway.

Listen to the full Episode 11 podcast and interview at Intricate Industries!

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