Duffy on Later with Jools Holland - watch videos!


Last Friday night, Duffy was a guest on Later...with Jools Holland. It was good to finally watch her on TV after only seeing her YouTube videos! She's got such a soulful voice, and she sounded great. Surprisingly she didn't perform her debut single "Rockferry" - not sure why. Either way, it was good to hear her other two singles, "Warwick Avenue" and "Mercy", which I think will be her next release.

I didn't know that Duffy was scheduled to be on Jools Holland until that day - but I'm not surprised that she was. Jools (and his people) are very good at spotting quality talent for the show.

Other guests included Manu Chao, James Blunt (a last minute replacement for Babyshambles), Orchestra Baobab (awesome), Kano and Damon Albarn and Dion.

Here are videos of Duffy's performances. Not quite TV, but at least available to watch.

Watch Duffy - "Warwick Avenue" video from Later with Jools Holland:

Watch "Mercy" video

There's additional footage of Duffy singing "Rockferry" that wasn't on the show, an interview with her as well as other guests that performed on the Later with Jools Holland Official Website - episode 4.

Duffy tour dates

Duffy Official Website

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11 Responses to Duffy on Later with Jools Holland - watch videos!

  1. Calvin says:

    Gorgeous, truly gorgeous! Later are just genius for finding this girl ***********

  2. Pete Romero says:

    There is oodles of talent on the Lleyn. check out The Hot Rocks vocalist Marianne on My Space and the song Are We really Through.It must be the air,the mountains,sea blah blah.

  3. soulman says:

    This girl is so so special.....watch her Radio 2 Music room set here.

  4. anne says:

    absolutely love Duffy, looks gorgeous, sounds amazing, what a voice! cant wait to get her album. just wish that the version of mercy that is now entitled the official one was as powerful as the performance of it as it was on Jools Later. what did they do to it?! Duffy is so special, so different,and, at least for my part, really doesnt need to be honed or polished.

  5. skatterrudeboy says:

    wahooo cant stop listening to this girl.its been a while since any singer has made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck but she has.like the hair on a rind of bacon.

  6. anne says:

    couldnt agree more with skatterrudeboy,the first time i saw Duffy was on JOOLS LATER,and she really did make the hairs on the back of the neck stand up simply because of the raw talent that she has.Thats why I hate the thought that she may get given the treatment,get honed and polished til there is little or nothing left of her.The performance that she gave on Jools programme was more powerful by far than the one that has been dubbed,by someone,as the oficial one.Well,thats my feeling at least.She's great,just as she is,and long may she remain so.

  7. anne says:

    ps.the road of life and experience will show her he way to go, so if some pr man has got his hands on her,all i can say is GET THEM OFF1LEAVE HER ALONE!

  8. anne says:

    I couldnt wait for Duffy's debut album, and now I have it, and absolutely love it. Can't stop playing it. Well done girl,congratulations on a brilliant cd, all hopes and expectations well met. Keep up the good work, love you!

  9. John says:

    Know Nefyn like the back of my hand, and am delighted that such a great natural talent has come from there. The 'Cry to me' performance on Radio 2 was top drawer plus. Jools Holands look as Duffy sang First cut is the Deepest says it all. You can't take your eyes off this girl, she's that good. She can only go on from strength to strength. Her Welsh tracks are fantastic too.

  10. he anne says:

    Just want to wish Duffy all the very best that life has to offer her. She is a very special lady, at the beginning of something incredible, and I hope she will have the strength to stay true to her own self no matter what is thrown her way. Its the true test that, being able to remain in your own calm true centre when all around you is going crazy. To be able to see the wood for the trees kinda thing. Duffy, you are gifted,when so many arrive on the scene with a voice just exactly like the one as before,you have a sound that is unique,a voice like I have never heard before, and I am not a young person, so I have heard many!Do not listen to those who would change you, unless it sits well with you, resist! Stay just as you are,but just grow and develop in your own good time, and all will be well with you. Lots of love, and good vibes!And, of course, thanks for the pleasure you give to myself and countless others with that beautiful soulful voice of yours. Would like to think that you will read this message, but of course, have no way of knowing if you will.

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