Fila Vintage White Line film with Danny Dyer, Tamer Hassan (video) + EXCLUSIVE interview

Danny Dyer

There's a short online - viral - film that has been making the rounds the last few weeks. The Fila Vintage White Line film features British actors Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan and can be found around the net on sites like YouTube, Bebo, various blogs and now Band Weblogs.

Tamer Hassan

Danny Dyer has been in quite a few movies that I really like, such as Human Traffic, The Trench and The Football Factory, which also stars Tamer Hassan. The Fila Vintage White Line film has that Football Factory feel to it, as well as British gangster, which Danny and Tamer handle perfectly in their starring roles.

It's interesting to see that they've taken the time out to be involved with an innovative viral film for Fila, for their "Worn Again 'Centre Court' trainers - Summer 08 Fila collection", and the film is only featured online.

More information about the film:

Rooted in the British gangster film genre, cult actors and faces of Fila, Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan, play two South London hitmen who are summoned for a job to see the big boss.

They are ordered to find two Italian culprits and beat them up accordingly. The film ensues with both Danny and Tamer dishing out the punishment, revealing the final twist at the end of the film...

Produced by Red Bee Media and directed by Marcus Jones, the short film was shot at The George Tavern in East London. The viral film will also be entered into a variety of industry short film festivals. The film supports a key Vintage style within their most comprehensive collection to date and is a testament to Fila's firm grasp on everything retro.

Watch Fila Vintage White Line film (video) with Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan:

The Fila Vintage White Line Film Interview

Mark Travis, Marketing Manager at Fila UK was kind enough to answer a few questions that I had about the film.

Jenny May: Why did you choose to shoot the film at The George Tavern in East London?

Mark Travis: Red Bee Media (the production company who created the film) found this on their location visit and it fit perfectly with the treatment of the film-gangster genre. The first scene was going to be filmed in a seedy nightclub setting (ideally with a 70s edge) when Danny and Tamer go to see the big boss and the George had a brilliant back room with a disco floor. It was a perfect first location.

Which industry short film festivals has the Fila Vintage White Line film been entered into?

It has been entered into BEFILM The Underground Film Festival in New York which is the first viral film festival.

This is quite innovative to go viral with the film. Any plans on making a version for TV?

No, this was a purely online campaign which Fila wanted to do to capture their key audience who are looking to the internet for most of their inspiration and entertainment.

What are some of your thoughts on viral video?

I think they are becoming really important to gain cut through with a young edgy audience who are becoming more discerning and not so easily led by in your face advertising. Marketing to this audience is becoming more about creativity and subtlety which is what I think virals do very well.

How was it decided that Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan would star in the film?

We had already decided to sign them on as the faces of the Fila brand in the UK so it made sense to play with their gangster reputations and make a short film incorporating some new Fila product in a clever way.

How long did it take to shoot?

1 day.

Who's behind the concept? How did they come up with the idea?

Frank PR came up with the idea of producing a viral with Danny and Tamer beating up the new Centre Court pre distressed trainers in humorous ways. We then got Red Bee on board who flushed out the full treatment and brought together the look and feel of the film including script/storyboards etc.

Who are the musicians (artists) involved with the music?

It was all library music from Extreme and KPM including:

From Extreme (020 7485 0111)
Elektrochrome (1' 23")
Pain Damage (20")
Hell Bent (45")
Creative Crack (18")
Judge Dead (1' 53")

From KPM (020 3059 3000):
Gravity (41")

Tamer Hassan and Danny Dyer - Fila

For more information:

Frank PR

Red Bee Media


Tamer Hassan Official Website

Danny Dyer Official Website

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