Original Beatles drummer Pete Best to release Haymans Green album

"What can I say this album far outreached my wildest expectations, I just didn't expect what I received. It's as good as anything The Beatles did at their peak, unbelievable. I'm blown away." - Arnie Holland CEO Lightyear Entertainment

On the 16th September, 2008 after forty years, original Beatles drummer Pete Best will follow his band mates John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison, into the realms of song writing. Pete has put pen to paper, writing, recording, and creating a biographical album, 'Haymans Green'.

The Casbah Coffee Club and Lightyear Entertainment are proud to present 'Haymans Green', Pete Best's first album of original material. The album is a musical documentary encapsulating Pete's time with the greatest Rock n' Roll band in the world, The Beatles.

More about 'Haymans Green':

The Pete Best Band

The eleven tracks written and recorded by The Pete Best Band for the 'Haymans Green' Album/CD are biographical, taking in different extracts of Pete Best's life. They have been written with Pete in a fashion that not only depicts his life, but the trials and tribulations of life in general. The following song descriptions, however, are from Pete's perspective.

1. Come With Me - My mother Mona Best opened Liverpool's first beat club. It was to become the venue where not only The Beatles started, but, every group that came out of Liverpool. The Casbah was the catalyst for The Beatles and Merseybeat. Come With Me to the Casbah.

2. Step Outside - It was 1968. I had toured and recorded for years. I'd tried every avenue to get through the door as a young musician. It was time to step outside the situation, to look around, weigh my options, and walk away. I had a family to bring up. I stepped outside the music.

3. Start Again - The Beatles baptism of fire in Hamburg. Playing eight hours a night and then partying, recovering just in time to start again. It was gruellin, but made us a force to be reckoned with.

4. Grey River - Liverpool, my home town, the gateway to the world sits on the banks of the River Mersey. The song is about the river, the city, the people, it's history. It's about being proud to be from Liverpool.

5. Gone - It's about my friends and colleagues that have passed. It's upbeat, it's not remorseful, it's about remembering the good times I shared. They're gone, but not forgotten.

6. Dream Me Home - It's about my life on the road today, even though it's hectic, and your time is consumed with the touring schedule, you still miss home. It's in your dreams.

7. Everything I Want - It's about my life, the measure of it. Even without reaching the dizzy heights of my fellow Beatles, I still have everything I want. A wonderful wife, beautiful children, good friends, health, happiness. Everything thats' important to me.

8. Beat Street - The Beatles began to play Mathew Street. The other groups were copying The Shadows, who were very light weight. The Beatles were raw, Rock N Roll. Everything changed on Beat Street, now they were copying us.

9. Broken - On the verge of success and international stardom, I had the dreams I helped build with my band mates snatched away. I was left to crash and burn, broken. I chose to stand tall. When I'm Beat you won't see me down, when I'm beat I'll turn it around, or at least I'll try. I think I did.

10. Red Light - Hamburg of the 1960s had the largest red light district in the world. We were young men in a rock band, a long way from home, and the girls had a very soft spot for us. We had no complaints.

11. Haymans Green - My family home, and one time Beatle headquarters. It sits on top of the Casbah Coffee Club. The house is steeped in memories for me. It has now become the holy grail, of The Beatles trail !!!.

All songs written by Pete Best, Roag Best, Phil Meli, and Paul Parry. Except tracks, 1, 7, and 8 written by Roag Best, Phil Melia, Paul Parry.

For more information, go to:

Pete Best Official Website

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  1. Free Pete Best show in Dallas Tx at Bill`s Pecords at 1317 S Lamar on Friday afternoon Oct 10. Christian Ross opens.

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