Crooked X sign to EMI; star in MTV Reality Special + Rock Band video game

Crooked X

Rave reviews are pouring in ahead of the January 13th, 2009 release of Crooked X, the self-titled full-length debut by the talented young rockers from Coweta, Oklahoma.

Crooked X on exclaims: "the disc is flawless, with fomenting chords roasted to perfection and drilling beats braiding the tracks with heated-coils," while Decibel magazines Deciblog raves, "We have to admit. Crooked X's self-titled debut album ... will most likely be better than Chinese Democracy. Axl Rose is gonna get schooled."

The buzz is loud, earning Crooked X a January 15th slot on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" where they'll perform the first single from Crooked X, "Rock N Roll Dream."

For the last three years Crooked X have been banging out their nu blend of kick-ass rock inspired by greats such as Metallica, AC/DC, Pantera and Led Zeppelin. They toured with KISS in Europe and played and toured Stateside and hot young rock artists Black Tide and Black Stone Cherry as well as classic rock legends Ted Nugent and Alice Cooper.

The 14-year-old shredders have been filming an MTV reality special, "Start a Band, Rock the World"; and playing a slew of NBC AST Dew concert dates promoting the October 7th EP release of 'Til We Bleed', which includes "Rock N Roll Dream" and live versions of "Adrenaline" and "Nightmare," which is featured in the successful Rock Band video game. Additionally, Crooked X will have a number of new songs featured for download in forth coming 3 packs from Rock Band.

Their 10-song debut for EMI, was helmed by hit producers Spencer Proffer (Tina Turner, Quiet Riot, WASP) and Michael Wagener (Ozzy, Skid Row, Poison). 'Til We Bleed', a digital-only EP, is complemented by their reality special, which will be aired across all MTV networks on January 13, 2009, to coincide with the release of their debut EMI/MPM album Crooked X.

The program shows the real-life Cinderella story of Crooked X's beginnings as 14-year-olds in Coweta (population 7,000), highlighting how the four young boys started a band in a garage, scored music in the highly successful Rock Band, headlined the Fender/Rock Band Lounge at 2008's Sundance Film Festival and opened for KISS in front of 35,000 screaming fans in Stockholm. These events led to Crooked X signing with EMI via McGhee Proffer Media (MPM) in August of 2008, all within the span of nine months.

The teenage quartet, comprised of Forrest French (vocals, guitar), Jesse Cooper (lead guitar, vocals), Josh McDowell (bass) and Boomer Simpson (drums), began playing in fifth grade, and cite influences including AC/DC, Pantera, Alice in Chains, Jimi Hendrix, Shinedown, Metallica, Audioslave and Pink Floyd.

They cut their teeth in the Tulsa area, playing Cain's Ballroom and at Coweta Junior High talent shows. The ambitious and mega-talented rockers sent a tape to a CBS Early Morning Show nationally televised competition and landed in an impressive second place. That's there where media strategists and managers Proffer and Doc McGhee became aware of the band and hooked Crooked X up with EMI Global Marketing and Capitol Records, forging a unique long-term partnership.

Crooked X will benefit from the teaming of multiple and diverse media and marketing partners including Fender, MTV, Red Bull, Fanscape, AEG'S Band Merch, Music Today and rock-based booking agency TAG (Nickelback, My Chemical Romance, 3 Doors Down), who are booking Crooked X worldwide. While the business side is locked down, Crooked X are fully focused on their music...and high school.

Drummer Boomer says: "Being in a rock band is a lot of work with home school, practice, traveling and playing gigs, but I wouldn't trade it for anything! We like to write lyrics that describe who we are and what we are going through."

Singer Forrest French concurs, saying, "Some of our songs, like our first single, "Rock n Roll Dream," have catchy choruses that everyone loves to sing along, then we have songs like "Gone" with lyrics that are deep and come from our souls and personal experiences. Music IS my life! Sometimes juggling family and friends and daily life with concerts and stuff can be tough. I know with family, friends and faith that anything is possible," French concludes, "and I never put limits on myself or the band."

Crooked X will appear at the Red Bull Drifting Championships at the Port of Long Beach in Long Beach, CA on November 16, 2008.

Notes: photo credit: Jeremy Charles

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