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Lee Evans

I like Lee Evans. He's one of those people who will make you laugh no matter what type of mood you're in. He comes from the school of physical comedy. Charging around the stage putting actions to his words. I saw Lee in 1998 at the Apollo in Oxford, and he's one of the funniest acts to see on stage. In his tight suit and his monkey looks.

Some people compare Lee to Norman Wisdom, and I can see what they mean, but for my money Mr. Evans is much funnier. I know Norman Wisdom was funny back in the day, but the trouble is, I don't think his humor passes the test of time. God bless him and all that, but the only similarities are the suits.

Did you know that Lee Evans started off in the business as a drummer in a punk band called The Forgotten Five? It all makes sense now, yes! Most drummers I know are wanna-be comedians! Don't give up your day job mate.

He popped up as a character on Dr. Who recently, on the Easter special "Planet Of The Dead" episode. He played a wacky scientist.

If you want to see him do what he does best - that is - 'Sweat like a nun awaiting a pregnancy test' (his words not mine) running around on stage, explaining his view on the world, then check out Lee Evans on Off The Kerb website and you will find all sorts of Lee Evans type goodies there. But first check out this clip of him and I swear you will be chewing the carpet in fits of giggles before tea time.

The Best Of Lee Evans YouTube video part 1 (swearing):

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By: Dave Tommo

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