Kerrang! announces Greatest Rock 100 videos - results

Kerrang! Rock 100

Join Kerrang! on Saturday 27 June, 2009 from 4pm, as we reveal the UK’s top 100 greatest rock videos of all time.

Over 14,000 rock fans voted up and down the country to make sure their favourite rock video made it into the UK’s ultimate chart.

Watch Greatest Rock 100 videos - teaser

From rock legends Aerosmith to the Foo Fighters, you’ll definitely not want to miss this head banging session of the most memorable videos in rock and roll history.

The top 10 of this colossal vote includes:

1. 30 Seconds To Mars – The Kill
2. 30 Seconds To Mars – From Yesterday
3. Paramore – Misery Business
4. My Chemical Romance – I’m Not OK
5. Paramore – CrushCrushCrush
6. My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade
7. Linkin Park – What I’ve Done
8. Fall Out Boy – I Don’t Care
9. Green Day – American Idiot
10. You Me At Six – Save It For The Bedroom

Melissa Pine, Head of Marketing at Box TV said, “This countdown received a massive amount of votes, which confirms that Kerrang! is at the forefront of the rock music scene. The Top 10 reads like the definitive guide to rock videos, there’s angst, stunning effects, dark undertones, lots of heavy make-up - the ultimate opportunity to rock out.”

"The fact that 30 Seconds To Mars occupy the two top spots shows the power of a fan base and the loyal following that the band has worked up since they burst on the scene in 1998."

Watch Kerrang!’s Rock 100 (Sky 368 and Virgin Media 342) on Saturday 27 June, 2009 from 4pm.

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55 thoughts on “Kerrang! announces Greatest Rock 100 videos - results

  1. abbey james

    what was the name of the smashing pumkins song when the people get on the spaceship and land on that weird planet?

  2. Amber

    Hate to post twice...But is there any way that we here is the U.S could watch this?

    Soo wish I had Kerrang! right now!

  3. abbie

    i'm not a big fan of the old classics like guns n roses etc. but to be honest i am so surprised they are not in the top 10. it's obvious that a bunch of tweens voted (that's a bit hypocritical as i am 16. but still)
    and paramore misery busniss? what is so great about that video? it's terrible, nothing 'great' about it in my opinion

  4. AngusYoung

    Soph just contradicted herself fallout boy are like the original emo band, where as 30stm are more metal

  5. Ant

    Yeh i like all these bands, but you can tell its a public vote bcouz the real top 10 would include alot older bands and proper legends. Whoever sed 'at least they're in the top 100' is still wrong bcouz how have videos from bigger bands lost to paramore and 30 stm.

  6. Doc

    The link for the trailer's gone down. Can we have it back please? I'm in it!! Red t-shirt, pin-stripe trilby "AC-DC Rocks!"

  7. Jacyoong

    I am a massive 30STM fan and I love their from yesterday video, even if it does go on for 13 minutes
    The Kill is so awesome as well!

  8. emma

    i think that was a good song that won, but from yesterday or misery business (paramore ) should way ave won !!!!

  9. Rebbecca

    that list is the bloody best although i would put you me at six higher :) love 30STM so bloody much they are the best :D and you me at six!!! Durr :P lol xxx

  10. eli

    GREEN DAY!!!! well green day should be the first! that video is awesome and epic!!...i don't really like 30stm they can't have the 2 first positions....linkin park is good, that video is very good, i like paramore but those videos are not the best, i think they put the last videos only because there are so many other great videos before foo fighters, blink 182, others from green day, etc, but is not bad

  11. Liv

    Hmmm. Bad choices really although Green Day deserve to be there, in fact personally i think they should be number one.
    Paramore & 30 seconds to mars however definitely shouldn't be on there!

  12. Ophelia

    YES!!! paramore got 3rd n 5th!! :D but i agree theres no classics there like ac/dc or rage against ta machine :(

  13. Naomi

    Yeah! Paramore and 30 seconds to Mars!!!!
    Such good bands, and i dont even like Rock music all that much!

  14. Luke

    Quite impressed MCR got in the top ten, twice. Not at all disapointed but a little suprised. I dont care, Definteley worthy :D

  15. Luke

    The reason theres no classic rock in there is becuz we're moving on. Welcome to the 21st Centrury ;) And yes, that WAS in a sardonic tone ;D

  16. Karaan.

    Although I do like all those songs, some of them quite alot.. I do wish more classical stuff was in there. Was expecting November Rain to get the top spot and also thought Sweet Child O' Mine would be high.
    Freak on a leash should also have gotten into the top 10.
    (Though, Lostprophets should be no.1) =]

  17. Emily!!

    OMG!! I love Mcr and thirty seconds to mars and paramore but crushctushcrush is a realllllyyyyy boring video!!

  18. sean

    its ridiculous korn's freak on a leash, and Fightstar - Mercury summer arn't there.

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