Glastonbury 2009 review: White Lies, Lilly Allen, Neil Young

Neil Young

Hooray!! It's the festival for sofa louches again this weekend. Yes, this time all over the world via the internet, TV and radio, ladies and gentlemen, Glastonbury is here again.

So there's no need to go trudging through the swamps and bogs of Pilton to see some obscure musical act in the middle of nowhere. Now we can view the whole thing on our TVs at home or in the car or anywhere I suppose.

Once I've digested the usual morsels of the day, I gather up a clutch of lagers from the fridge and then tune the box to the good old BBC for what I hope to be an evening of quality alternative entertainment. The first band I saw on Friday was White Lies. They were nice. Pretty tunes for a pretty evening. The highlight of their set had to be the Bruce Springsteen cover of "Dancing In The Dark".

Then I pressed the red button as they so often tell you to do, and was confronted by Lady Ga Ga in her glittery world of confuser gender. Playing through all of her current favorites. I think "Poker Face" is mine.

Lilly Allen, God bless her, she is turning into quite the young festival princess and being as she has been coming to this place since she was a child, I suppose she has some sort of right to the title. Her set is fun, with Lilly wearing a purple cat suite and purple wig, flirting with the audience as she entertains everybody by playing all of her hits.

For my money, and to be honest, there isn't a lot of it, Neil Young is the saviour of the night. This man is one of the last living legends left on this planet and he really brings it to the table tonight.

Mighty is the word you would have to use to describe Neil Young's presence on stage. The last song of his set was "A Day In The Life", a Beatles cover. Well you have to see the performance. He ends up tearing the strings from his guitar whilst still playing it. My words will not do this great man justice, so you will just have to check out his live performance to understand what I am saying!

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By: Dave Tommo

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