Live From Tokyo Directed By Lewis Rapkin - DVD + Bonus Soundtrack

Live From Tokyo Directed By Lewis Rapkin

Directed by U.S. filmmaker Lewis Rapkin, Live From Tokyo is a fascinating documentary that takes viewers through the back streets in Shinjuku, the intersections in Shibuya, the alleys in Koenji, and all over Tokyo, as it highlights the innovative musicians that create the city's multi-faceted underground music scene.

Tokyo's reputation for an overwhelming variety of global information, media-saturated urban environment and cutting edge innovation, makes it the perfect sample for addressing a new outlook on music culture.

The film explores this eccentric music culture set within the back­drop of the modern Japanese megalopolis.

Featuring surreal stop-motion animation, interviews and live performances by acts such as Nisennen­mondai, Tenniscoats, DMBQ, PARA (Boredoms members), Shugo Tokumaru, Sexy-Synthesizer, Sajjanu, KIRIHITO, d.v.d, Optrum, Uhnellys, Samm Bennett, W. David Marx, Tokyo Pinsalocks and many more.

Audio tracks were donated by many of the bands that appear in the film and were compiled into a soundtrack album which will be included as a free digital download with the purchase of the DVD. A special code will be contained within the package of each DVD allowing the viewer to down­load the album at no extra charge.

Live from Tokyo will be released on August 23, 2011 on Good Charamel Records, with distribution through MVD Visual. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Live From Tokyo DVD/ALBUM will be donated to the Red Cross Tsunami Relief fund in Japan.

Watch Live From Tokyo Trailer - video:

Upcoming Screenings:

9/21- 10/2/2011 - The Netherlands, Camera Japan Film Festival (

Live From Tokyo

Directed by: Lewis Rapkin
Produced by: Eric J. Mintz
Director of Photography: Ian Sotzing
Digital Download Soundtrack tracklisting:

1 Moja - "Hello"
2 Tokyo Pinsalocks - "Mirror"
3 Uhnellys - "Central"
4 The Fadeaways - "She Is Frantic"
5 Sexy Synthesizer - "Somebody" featuring Chihiro (LFT Mix)
6 Kuruucrew - "6/4"
7 Tenniscoats w/ Tetsuya Umeda - "Melthorn" (live in Hiroshima, 2009)
8 Sajjanu - "The man who cheat a farmer to play has not ass hair, He is just a bear killer..."
9 Zoobombs - "South Central Rock"
10 Suishou No Fune - "Under a Big Tree"
11 Lewis Rapkin - "Mice Who Speak English"


Lewis Rapkin - DIRECTOR

Lewis lives in New York City and has worked on feature documen­taries for HBO, a 6-hour documentary series for PBS, a short for Amnesty International and television series for MTV and Discovery Channel. He has directed a handful of music videos, edited trailers and industrials and his short films have appeared in international film festivals. Lewis is also a musician and composed the original score for Live From Tokyo.

Live From Tokyo is his directorial debut for a feature film.


Ian has worked in camera and production departments for various award winning films and television shows. He worked on Moonlight and Mistletoe and Revolutionary Road in 2008 and most recently he has worked on both seasons of Boardwalk Empire and Bored to Death for HBO, as well as 30 Rock on NBC. Ian has won awards at international film festivals for films he directed and shot.

Eric J. Mintz - PRODUCER

Eric J. Mintz worked on two award winning political documen­taries in 2008. After returning from Tokyo he moved to New York City and began working in television. He worked as an Associate Producer and Post-Production Coordinator for multiple major cable networks including the Emmy Award winning game show, Cash Cab and the upcoming series Mountain Men of Alaska both for Discovery Channel. Mountain Men of Alaska (2011 - Discovery), Dr G.: Medical Exam­iner (2010 - Discovery I.D.), Sex on TV (2010 - TV Guide) Parking Wars (2010 - A&E) Megadrive (2010 - MTV) Cash Cab (2009 - Discovery) Louis Theroux: The City Addicted to Crystal Meth (2009 - BBC), The Axe in the Attic (2008), Finding Our Voices (2008)

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