Samantha Ronson releases self-produced debut album Chasing the Reds [Stream Tracks]

Samantha Ronson

Singer/songwriter/DJ extraordinaire Samantha Ronson has released her self-produced debut album, Chasing the Reds, on her own label, Broken Toy Records.

Nearly a decade in the making, Chasing the Reds is an account of heartbreak, compiled journal entries, compelling headlines, and every interaction in between.

Through her songwriting and her booming DJing career, it is obvious Samantha has a natural ear for catchy tunes and sonically pleasing pieces.

From the edgy, rock-infused title track, to the achingly sad "Love Song", to the windows-down sing-along anthems "Sometimes When You Win You Lose", "Half Awake" and "Promise", this album is a true testament to Ronson's songwriting prowess and ability to capture true, relatable emotions.

Ronson enlisted the contribution of a few friends in the recording of this album including Slash on "Love Song", Wale on "Summer of Sam", Alex Greenwald on "Captain Jack" and brother Mark Ronson to co-produced the ratatat party jam "Skyscrapers".

Stream her title track "Chasing the Reds" and album stand out "Until It's Yesterday". Full album track listing is below.

Samantha Ronson - Chasing the Reds + Until It's Yesterday:

Despite what people think they know about Samantha, it should come as no surprise that the studio is a second home to her, and a music career inevitable.

Samantha fondly recalls visits to the studio with stepfather Mick (Foreigner guitarist and founder), where she would find herself endlessly absorbed with the realm of possibilities the room contained. It was only a matter of time before a lifetime of being surrounded by music propelled her curiosity to try her hand at songwriting.

The catalyst was a guitar her stepfather left in her care for safekeeping: "Once I picked it up, that was it. That was pretty much all I did. I started writing my own songs."

In 2004, Samantha found herself with both a producer, Duncan Sheik, and a record deal with Damon Dash's Roc-a-fella Records. Inauspicious timing and the dissolution of the label led to her first album Pull My Hair Out never being released, and Ronson found herself back at the drawing board.

As the making of her first record came to an untimely halt and her career as a world renowned DJ continued to pick up speed, focus was momentarily shifted from her songwriting: "I began to DJ mainly so I could pay for my band, then I got really busy DJing and didn't have time [for making music]." But time and passion guided her back to her main goal, and now, filled with songs she is happy with and proud of from beginning to end, we see Chasing the Reds.

As an artist who is always pushing her own boundaries and testing her limits, the album title rings unequivocally true: "It's about chasing after something you're never going to get. Whatever your thing that you're chasing is, is what the red is."

Chasing the Reds track listing:

Chasing the Reds
Summer of Sam (featuring Wale)
Love Song (feat. Slash)
Sometimes When You Win You Lose
Until It's Yesterday
Half Awake (Meltdown)
Don’t Want You
Captain Jack (Feat. Alex Greenwald)

Photo credit: Justin Coit

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