GiddyUp Music @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford [REVIEW] Richard Brotherton, Superloose, Purple May

Wheatsheaf Oxford GiddyUp MusicWelcome to another GiddyUp funday Sunday here at the home of organic music downstairs at The Wheatsheaf in Oxford.

Jenny and myself warm up the bar with some home grown sing alongs as well as some carefully chosen covers, performing as Purple May. And as we are only armed with an acoustic guitar, harmonica and two vocals it’s usually a gentle ease into the afternoon even though our opening songs are “Jet Boy, Jet Girl” going into “The Banana Splits” then our title track “Giddy Up”. Still not too shabby if I do say so myself (cough).

Song And Supper Rooms are John on the ukulele, Simon on the caj√≥n and Mark Bosely on bass. This, in my opinion is John’s train set in the attic if you will. The sort of music you can play wearing your slippers. I did like their take on “Chim Chim Cher-ee” and also a well and cozy version of “Kooks”, that old David Bowie song from the Hunky Dory album. I do think John and his band take songs to a place you wouldn’t expect to find them, always worth a listen.

Once we’d swept up after Song And Supper Rooms I introduce Jules Penzo who performs his own brand of instrumental Spanishy classical tunes. This man is a bit of a wizard on the guitar and his music has you drifting off and staring at your beer bottle peeling the label and thinking I wished I’d learnt to play the guitar properly!

Just when you thought it was safe to relax and enjoy Sunday evening I introduce Superloose. Superloose are, Song And Supper Rooms again and with Nigel on guitar. Superloose are Abingdon’s finest. They play some of the best sing alongs in the business. “We are the fishermen but we don’t catch no fish no” is one of my favourites. I can safely say that this band is the best you will find hanging around in Abingdon, and we are chuffed because this is their first gig for over six months. A great time, with everyone singing along.

Lastly, everybody had calmed down readjusted their dress and was ready for Richard Brotherton. This is just Richard, his voice and acoustic guitar. What a voice too. This guy can belt it out with a deep bluesy vocal. I love his unique version of “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees. His guitar style is really percussive and accompanies his vocals perfectly. A great crescendo to what was another really good party downstairs At The Wheatsheaf. A big thanks The Wheatsheaf and staff for allowing us to do this and also to you for coming out on a Sunday afternoon and helping improvise one of the best parties in town. Hope to see you all at the next one. Thanks!

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– Dave