Henry Cluney at The Wheatsheaf, Oxford review – June 2016 [GiddyUp Music]

Henry Cluney GiddyUp Music at The Wheatsheaf Oxford

The Wheatsheaf – Oxford, England – Sunday June 19, 2016 review

Well, what can I say! Firstly I would like to thank all the musicians who performed and also thank everyone who came out to enjoy the eclectic mix of music played.

It was an early start on Sunday afternoon. We, Purple May, began at about 1.45pm. We played some of our original songs and a few covers, like “That’s Entertainment” (The Jam) and “Because The Night” (Bruce Springsteen/Patti Smith). We then cleared a space for Osprey, who we have down as one of the busiest musicians and promoters in Oxford. He played a varied set, I always love his take on the Johnny Cash song “Folsom Prison Blues”.

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Henry Cluney (ex-Stiff Little Fingers) @ The Wheatsheaf Oxford – 2pm – 19th June 2016

Henry Cluney ex-Stiff Little Fingers at The Wheatsheaf Oxford

GiddyUp Music Presents… in the downstairs bar @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford – Sunday 19th June 2016: Henry Cluney (ex-Stiff Little Fingers) + local support by: Mad Larry + The Corsairs + Osprey + Purple May. THIS IS AN EARLY SHOW!!! 2PM START! Henry Cluney will be playing at about 3pm.

FREE SHOW ******** 2pm start: Purple May, Osprey and then Henry Cluney plays at about 3pm ********** the party continues after Henry Cluney’s set with The Corsairs and Mad Larry!

FACEBOOK EVENT LINK: Henry Cluney at The Wheatsheaf Oxford

GiddyUp Music @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford review: Scott Gordon, Ady Davey, more

GiddyUp Music at The Wheatsheaf Oxford

Another Super Sunday Hair Of The Dog for the GiddyUp Music entourage at The Wheatsheaf here in Oxford, England and it was good to see them all out in force. We (Purple May) had a great time playing. Jenny and I enjoyed breaking in some new covers such as “That’s Entertainment” and “Because The Night.” As well as digging out a few of our own home-grown tunes too. I think our selection of songs by The Jam, The Who and The Small Faces, definitely brought in some of the local Mod contingent judging on that vehicle in the alleyway!

GiddyUp Music Oxford Lambretta

After we had packed our toys away we cleared a space and I introduced Mark Sollis and Mark Bosely. Mark occasionally sits in on the bass with Mr. Sollis, and after all, when you have a song called “Mark Bosely”, you kind of feel obliged. They got into some toe tapping jamming at one point and had everyone chanting “Mark Bosely!” by the end of their set. We look forward to the next time Marks!

There is a lot of great entertainment here in Oxford and we don’t take it for granted, but one of the finest exponents of fronting a good song is our very own Ady Davey and Shakin’ Lips. The lads have been at it now since I can’t remember. With Ady sporting a fine cowboy hat and shades they took us into to the world of Ady and Shakey, which by the way is a really enjoyable place to be. Always a favourite at The Wheatsheaf. My favourite is their take on “The Midnight Gambler.” I think it is easily one of the best versions in the world, but that’s just me.

Wow, still two more bands to go. You know what? I think we must run the longest session of music in Oxford. 3.30pm till 8.30pm that’s, what? 5 hours more or less? Anyway…so I introduce Jesters a 3-piece folk band – guitar, fiddle and double bass. Their music really suited the day, nice breezy happy go lucky folk to dance to. In fact at one point, we were outside in the alleyway and Christine Ellis the fiddle player came out and played for us, so Ady Davey and I obliged by doing what the Americans call a do-si-do. I really enjoyed their version of “Matty Groves.”

Lastly we welcome to the floor our old friend Scott Gordon and his band and for some reason, more than likely, lots of rehearsals. But I like to think it was because of the magic of the night, he sounded the best that we had heard. Really cracking set Scott. The drummer and the bass player were really on it! With Shakin’ Lips joining in on his harmonica it was a great sound, and at some points even dubbed up a bit.

Thanks again to one and all, and all those musician types who come and make it happen. See you next time for the Henry Cluney (ex Stiff Little Fingers) special on Sunday 19th June 2016!

GiddyUp Music Oxford
Sunday 22 May 2016

Tom Ivey Band + Rocheii + Lee Valentine Valy + Freddy Le Cragg + Purple May

Wheatsheaf Oxford GiddyUp Music

GiddyUp Music Presents… Tom Ivey Band + Rocheii + Lee Valentine Valy + Freddy Le Cragg + Purple May @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford on Sunday 8th May 2016. 3:30pm-8:30pm.

Live music in the downstairs bar, this is a free show!!!

More information on Facebook: GiddyUp Music Oxford

GiddyUp Music @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford review

GiddyUp Music at The Wheatsheaf Oxford review

Welcome to another GiddyUp Funday Sunday at the Wheatsheaf here in Oxford, England. What a great turn out it was, and a fine line up of entertainment to compliment the good folk who had come along to enjoy some of Oxford’s finest tunesmiths.

Purple May started the ball rolling with our acoustic guitar, harmonica and harmony vocals. We were breaking in a new cover today as well as one of our own too. “Because The Night” written by Bruce Springsteen and “Great escape” written by us! (Listen to Purple May – “Great Escape!”)

Soon we were passing the baton on to Waterfahl. That is Finn and Hanne, this was their first time playing a GiddyUp show with us downstairs at The Wheatsheaf, they are an acoustic duo with Hanne singing and playing excellent harmonica and Finn on the guitar. He has a great rhythm style and a percussive guitar technique. A stand out moment for me was their version of “Space Oddity”, a David Bowie classic. Hanne’s use of the harmonica on this was unique. Even their own songs had us singing along like we had heard them before. We look forward to having Waterfahl back soon. Waterfahl website

Megan Josephy is a singer/songwriter who we have enjoyed hosting over the last year, but this time she brought Mike the drummer with her and have called themselves Jinjacooze. This was their first show playing together and they really had the the bar rocking. Megan has a very strong voice and an individual style of music. She is always a favourite here at GiddyUp and Mike was a really good addition to her armoury.

After rearranging the furniture and packing the drums away we were ready to make space for Tom Ivey. He played an acoustic set, bluesy old favourites, and rousing the crowd into full singalong and dancing mode. This guy is a natural behind the guitar and is good with the chat between songs also, you have to get to see him live with his band or acoustically he is always very entertaining. Tom Ivey Band has an album release soon, there is a link here to a teaser from their forthcoming material. http://youtu.be/1Qdk3wtqJMI

Lastly but definitely not least was No Horses, a brilliant blues rock band who we are lucky enough to be able to call local. You know, to get to hear music as good as this at the end of a bar in Oxford on a Sunday evening is a bit special to say the least. If you like your blues then you have to check these guys out next time they’re playing. Toward the end of the set Tom Ivey joined them and cranked it up to 11 with some excellent lead guitar work. No Horses Facebook

Thanks to all who came to the show and turned it into a party. Thanks to everyone who played and a special thanks to the staff at The Wheatsheaf. See you next time!

GiddyUp Music Oxford Facebook

By: Dave

GiddyUp Music @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford [REVIEW] Richard Brotherton, Superloose, Purple May

Wheatsheaf Oxford GiddyUp MusicWelcome to another GiddyUp funday Sunday here at the home of organic music downstairs at The Wheatsheaf in Oxford.

Jenny and myself warm up the bar with some home grown sing alongs as well as some carefully chosen covers, performing as Purple May. And as we are only armed with an acoustic guitar, harmonica and two vocals it’s usually a gentle ease into the afternoon even though our opening songs are “Jet Boy, Jet Girl” going into “The Banana Splits” then our title track “Giddy Up”. Still not too shabby if I do say so myself (cough).

Song And Supper Rooms are John on the ukulele, Simon on the cajón and Mark Bosely on bass. This, in my opinion is John’s train set in the attic if you will. The sort of music you can play wearing your slippers. I did like their take on “Chim Chim Cher-ee” and also a well and cozy version of “Kooks”, that old David Bowie song from the Hunky Dory album. I do think John and his band take songs to a place you wouldn’t expect to find them, always worth a listen.

Once we’d swept up after Song And Supper Rooms I introduce Jules Penzo who performs his own brand of instrumental Spanishy classical tunes. This man is a bit of a wizard on the guitar and his music has you drifting off and staring at your beer bottle peeling the label and thinking I wished I’d learnt to play the guitar properly!

Just when you thought it was safe to relax and enjoy Sunday evening I introduce Superloose. Superloose are, Song And Supper Rooms again and with Nigel on guitar. Superloose are Abingdon’s finest. They play some of the best sing alongs in the business. “We are the fishermen but we don’t catch no fish no” is one of my favourites. I can safely say that this band is the best you will find hanging around in Abingdon, and we are chuffed because this is their first gig for over six months. A great time, with everyone singing along.

Lastly, everybody had calmed down readjusted their dress and was ready for Richard Brotherton. This is just Richard, his voice and acoustic guitar. What a voice too. This guy can belt it out with a deep bluesy vocal. I love his unique version of “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees. His guitar style is really percussive and accompanies his vocals perfectly. A great crescendo to what was another really good party downstairs At The Wheatsheaf. A big thanks The Wheatsheaf and staff for allowing us to do this and also to you for coming out on a Sunday afternoon and helping improvise one of the best parties in town. Hope to see you all at the next one. Thanks!

For the latest shows, information and more, please go to:

Facebook: GiddyUp Music Oxford

– Dave