Inner Surge Music Video For “Retribution Song”

ALBERTA, Canada (Cyclone Records) – Inner Surge’s politically charged music video for “Retribution Song” has been rapidly spreading around the internet, and has now been launched at Google Video, where it is available for stream and download. The video can also be viewed at and, where it is gaining popularity.

The video was partially inspired by the 2005 Uzbekistan massacre and features a tribute to the Zapatista(EZLN) organization currently active in Chiapas, Mexico. The video was directed by Fredy Polania and is set to be featured on the Cabras Movie Soundtrack, which also features artists such as Detlef Zoo, A New Way Down, Lauren Briant, Cede, New Crash Position, and others. Inner Surge’s video, as well as video’s for these artist’s can be downloaded at as well.

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The Subways at Reading Music Festival

The Reading and Leeds music festival took place over the weekend and luckily quite a few acts were televised this year, including the band The Subways. I’ve been hearing about them for awhile now, but hadn’t really paid much attention until I saw them performing at Reading.

The three-piece band puts on a great live show, the drummer is excellent, the singer/guitarist shares vocals with their female bass player Charlotte, who has more energy than most guys who are playing bass on the circuit, running back and forth on the stage and shaking her head around, reminiscent of the old punk bands of the late 70’s.

I can’t seem to get their song, “Rock & Roll Queen” out of my head and their other songs are just as catchy. Wikipedia has some interesting tidbits about them if you’re into band trivia (which I am)!

Here’s a video for The Subways’ “Oh Yeah” by way of YouTube:

Check out their myspace page (a little slow loading) and The Subways official website for the latest news and tour information.

By: Jenny May

Rockstar Supernova – Lukas Rossi

We’ve certainly been enjoying watching Rockstar Supernova and each week it’s getting better and better. The ‘rock talent show’ is set up so that members of the new rock band Supernova, featuring the likes of Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Gilby Clarke (Guns N’ Roses) and Jason Newsted (Metallica) are searching for their new singer with the help of Dave Navarro who has also produced the show.

We’re behind about 2 weeks since we’re in England and for some reason we can’t see the show in the same week it’s aired, but I’m not going to complain because we’re lucky to be able to watch it at all. It’s not easy staying away from certain sites in an attempt to not ruin it for myself. I would rather find out on the night who’s going to get voted off instead of reading about it two weeks in advance on a blog or entertainment news article!

We feel that the winner is obvious. The most important thing that the band has said about who they’re looking for, is that the front person has to be able to stand out in front of such famous band members. How can it not be Lukas Rossi? For all I know he could have been voted off by now, but I’m hoping he makes it through to the end.

Here’s an excellent version of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ which left me wanting more. Lukas looks great, comes across as a little arrogant, sure…and somehow channels in a bit of Marlon Brando while he’s singing, but his star quality shines through when he’s performing and he has the ability to hold the attention of the audience, not quite knowing what he’s going to do next. Hope you enjoy.

By: Jenny May

Youtube, Grateful Dead and Candyman

Livingroom entertainment certainly has evolved over the years. From singing around the piano, to sitting on the floor listening to the radio, then came TV, karaoke and now you guessed it: huddled around the computer watching videos on youtube.

And that’s exactly what we did when we got home late on Saturday night. Rather than turn on the lights and then the TV or stereo, we went straight to the computer and on to youtube where we went in search of cool, quality videos that we either had never seen or couldn’t wait to see again.

We watched too many videos to list here right now, but let’s just say that there was a very wide spectrum of genres and bands being appreciated that night. The Grateful Dead being one of those bands.

Let me start out by saying that I’m not a huge Grateful Dead fan, however, I do like their music and did attend one of their last shows ever (with Jerry) in Highgate, Vermont which was probably one of the best concert experiences that I’ve had. Also, when I was singing in bands in Vermont one song that really caught my attention and I just had to sing was their song, ‘Candyman’. Absolutely love it. There’s just something about it-the chords seem to pull at my heart strings.

For some reason when we were going through videos that night I thought to look up Candyman on youtube and I was pretty excited to see that there is video footage of the song which I had never seen and would like to now share with you.

They seem to be playing it slower than I remember here, apparently ‘From PBS’s Calebration Show. Recorded at the KQED Studios, San Francisco, 8/30/70.’ Pretty cool seeing a young Jerry Garcia and the band.

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

By: Jenny May

Blog in the Spotlight – Billy Morrison

Billy Morrison Billy Morrison has one of the coolest blogs out there – if you like your rock ‘n roll that is. Talk about a working musician-he plays guitar for bands Camp Freddy and Circus Diablo and each band has an ‘all-star’ musician line up of some of the biggest names in rock right now like Dave Navarro, Scott Weiland, Matt Sorum, Donovan Leitch and the list goes on. Actually it’s easy to lose track of what he’s up to because when he’s not playing in one of the two bands you might find him jamming with other musicians like Slash, who happens to be one of my personal guitar heros of today or appearing in some cult indie flick. He’s also played bass with the Cult.

Luckily Billy Morrison is willing to offer a window into his life via his blog, allowing VIPesque access to gig details, photo shoots, road trips as well as video blogs on occasion which is even more satisfying for the music fan who wants to become more familiar with the rock musician way of life.

Check out Billy Morrison’s blog for all the latest details of his comings and goings!

-Jenny May-