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Inner Surge Music Video For “Retribution Song”


ALBERTA, Canada (Cyclone Records) - Inner Surge’s politically charged music video for “Retribution Song” has been rapidly spreading around the internet, and has now been launched at Google Video, where it is available for stream and download. The video can also be viewed at and, where it is gaining popularity.

The video was partially inspired by the 2005 Uzbekistan massacre and features a tribute to the Zapatista(EZLN) organization currently active in Chiapas, Mexico. The video was directed by Fredy Polania and is set to be featured on the Cabras Movie Soundtrack, which also features artists such as Detlef Zoo, A New Way Down, Lauren Briant, Cede, New Crash Position, and others. Inner Surge’s video, as well as video’s for these artist’s can be downloaded at as well.

Shaun Friesen of Free Zen Designs also worked on the “Retribution Song” video, and his work can be viewed at

“Retribution Song” is the first single from Inner Surge’s critically acclaimed new CD “Signals Screaming”, released through Cyclone Records on April 1st, 2006. The CD is available for purchase at and Here’s what the press has to say about the album:

“From beginning to end, Inner Surge’s Signals Screaming is a disc full of superb music, which will both captivate the listener and bludgeon him with intense, well written audio assaults. Possibly among one of the best imports that Canada has to offer.” - RWS Magazine

“This CD was a great blend of Hardcore, Metal, Punk and Rock. It was deep, aggressive and uncompromising to the sounds of music today.” - Scratch E-Zine

“This is not just a cd of new songs. This is the crest of the wave that Inner Surge has been building for sometime. It’s passion, rebellion, and anger. Signals Screaming is a huge statement, it is saying that Inner Surge is here, and they are here to stay.” -

“This album is sure to be one of the most essential metal albums of the year.” - X-Treme Productions

“Even the weakest of this band’s releases will blow almost any other band out of the water.” - Independent Clauses

Inner Surge also be played the first-ever Southern Alberta Hardcore & Metal Festival Sunday, September 3 at the Heritage Hall, Exhibition Park in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Headlining the festival was Century Media’s INTO ETERNITY.
For more information on Inner Surge, visit or

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