United State Of Electronica interview

United State Of Electronica

Seattle based “party rock super group” United State Of Electronica (or U.S.E.) has been creating quite a buzz around their live shows – and on the dance floor. Read their interview with Band Weblogs […]

United State Of Electronica

Seattle based “party rock super group” United State Of Electronica (or U.S.E.) has been creating quite a buzz around their live shows – and on the dance floor. They’ve toured the US and internationally including shows at clubs and festivals in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. Now U.S.E. is releasing their latest single, “Open Your Eyes” on Concept Music in the UK. With electronica pulses and disco beats, their infamous vocoder and party attitude, U.S.E. is sure to continue to win over the hearts of pop music fans from around the world.

United State Of Electronica (U.S.E.) interview with BandWeblogs.com
Compiled by Dave Tommo

Dave Tommo: How many people are in your band and who does what?

U.S.E.: There are anywhere from 7 (core musicians) to about 100 people on stage. The other 89 are dancing robots w/ healthy, human hearts. Jon e. “Blades” Rock – drums, Lightweight Luva, rice pilaf Derek “Shadowz” Chan – bass, death stare, vice grip Carly “Skullz” Nicklaus – Diva vocals, Mexi-fresh-seeker-outer Amanda “Eaglez” Khanjian – Diva vocals, tempo adjusta, Make-it-in-the-Big-Apple-well-wisher Peter “Danger Zone” Sali – Guitar, bloody murder screams Jason “Snake” Holstrom – Guitar, fist pumper, gun slinga Noah “Legendz” Weaver – Keys, robots, world hugger.

Are you looking for world domination or are you after something bigger?

If by world domination you mean for everyone to like us and to follow our commands, that would be a bit too much responsibility, because the old adage “absolute power corrupts absolutely” kind of scares us; we would just end up ordering people to get us things like macadamia nut ice cream and back massages w/ cloud blossom and cherub b.o. scented lotion. But from an empyreal point of view, we could just get the world together for one big party and leave our negative beliefs outside of the party grounds and perhaps something that changes the course of history for the better might take place. That may be more appropriate than world dominatrix.

Why would it be good if it was the 70’s again?

People would dance in many different ways, there would only be really huge carphones for the super rich, no Bush regime, cheaper cereal, no SUV’s except cool looking range rovers, vista lite drumsets were easier to find, and Led Zeppelin didn’t wear pleated slacks and flowery silk shirts (until 1979).

Is ABBA the best pop band ever? If not who?

ABBA is one of the best of course, but they have plenty of good company. Jamiroquai, Daft Punk, Barry White, George McRea, Autograph, Snake Lion, Al B. Sure, Steely Dan, Jungle Toa Toa and his Rubber band, Weezer, Refreshments, Garrison Starr, Dolour, Oasis, Hurricane Chris, this list is getting too long.

Where would your ideal gig be?

On top of the World on a large oak platform surrounded by marshmallows and lollipops.

Where would you be without your vocoder?

Somewhere in Lichtenstein opening a restaurant called “Delish Lichtenstish”.

What is the best thing about Seattle?

The landscape. Being able to see snow capped mountains, oceans and forests from one vantage point – then deciding to go record music at these landmarks which are all only an hour away in most any direction.

What was it like playing in Japan?

It was as amazing as you can imagine it to be. The people, food, and architecture are truly awe-inspiring.

Did you go to any good parties there?

Yes, but what goes on in Japan stays in Japan. Though it can be said that what their drug culture lacks, they more than make up for in raw food and rice wine.

How do you record in the studio?

As mentioned earlier, we find a cabin on a mountain lake, a barn, in the woods, or in our guitar players basement studio, or even a pro set up, and knock out the riffs after pressing the red record button.

What would you say is the most important tool in your box?

The hi hat. And the floor thomas.

Where do you like to unwind?

Usually in fields, lakes, and/or helicopters or stress factories.

What movies (if any) inspire U.S.E.?

Weekend at Bernie’s part II and Cool Runnings.

What’s on your rider?

Red Bull, water and towels. If you want to know the miscellaneous you can throw us a party.

Will you be at Glastonbury in 2008?

We would love to be at this historic, magnanimous event. Will you be at our barn raising in 2009?

We would love to.

For more information:

United State Of Electronica Official Website
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