Kathryn Williams and Neill McColl ‘Two’ review – simply superb

Kathryn Williams and Neill McColl - studio

Listening to Kathryn Williams and Neill McColl is like lying on your back outside on a sunny day, watching the clouds go by. The music is so tranquil that I couldn’t concentrate on the work I was trying to do – and instead, gave up and am now writing this review …

Richard Hawley and Guests at the Oxford New Theatre, 5 February – review

I have long been an admirer of Richard Hawley’s and am really pleased that he is finally receiving the recognition he deserves, having previously served on guitar duty with indie underachievers The Longpigs and the wonderful Pulp. His recent albums ‘Coles Corner’ and ‘Lady’s Bridge’ set the bar extremely high for the support act, who […]

Patriots lose Super Bowl, Tom Petty half-time show + no Eels ad

It’s been a slow start this morning, after staying up until well past three in the morning here in England, watching the Patriots lose the Super Bowl. Boooo. I was so disappointed with the loss, I wondered why I bothered to stay up at all. Now I’m paying for it today. Not only that – […]