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Larry Reddington releases ‘When You Gonna Learn’ EP + download MP3

Larry Reddington

Larry Reddington isn’t a new kid on the block. Not by any means. At age of 67 (68 in July) he’s been spicing up people’s lives musically since the 1950’s. From Oxford, England and originally a drummer, Larry has some pretty interesting rock n roll stories to tell …

David Ford new album Songs For The Road set for release on Independiente

David FordStrident, resistant and ceaselessly melodic, ‘Songs For The Road’ is the second album from David Ford, released on Independiente on October 15th 2007. If his critically acclaimed debut was born of reflection in his basement bound home studio, the triumphant swell of ‘Songs For The Road’ is cut from the breadth of his encounters on the subsequent tour […]