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The One Love exclusive interview – with Ben Romans (The Click Five), Cassie and Jade

The One Love

Recently we interviewed Ben Romans (The Click Five), Cassie Petrey and Jade Driver from The One Love. They’ve been keeping busy blogging at The One Love website, where a community of bloggers have come together in support of their chosen charities. Read the exclusive interview!

TalentDatabase.com features music, art, fashion and more – review

I’ve been spending some time looking around TalentDatabase.com, which launched earlier this year. The website is a free talent search engine and artist directory, similar to a global Yellow Pages for talent and creativity. TalentDatase.com was founded by Jimi Beach, an entrepreneurial artist from Orlando, Florida and also a fellow musician, who played in the […]

Signed and unsigned bands promote music and submit news

It’s great to see that so many new Guest Music Bloggers have been submitting news at Band Weblogs. Guest Music Bloggers so far have included band members, solo artists, management, entertainment companies, pr companies, record companies and more who have come here to promote bands and music. Signed bands, unsigned bands and indie bands are […]

10 reasons why music blogs are great for bands

I could talk all night about music, blogs, bands and musicians. Rather than chew your ear out, instead, to save time I thought I would add a condensed version of my thoughts about music blogs. I’ve written before about band blogs and promotion, but now feel that this is a good time to bring up […]