Tjoon webcam stars via 4 split screens and a microphone!


I’ve been checking out, a new site where you can jam with other musicians by using a webcam to record and create short, split screen videos. Some of the videos are pretty funny …


I’ve been checking out, a new site where you can jam with other musicians by using a webcam to record and create short, split screen videos.

Some of the videos are pretty funny. There are quite a few people recording themselves onto 4 split screens. Some are singing with themselves, others talking.

One of the more creative videos is of a guy playing trumpet with himself.

The Tjoon Weblog is good at spotting some of the talent on the site, where I’m sure potential “Tjoon webcam stars” are getting inspiration for their ideas.

I wonder, though, for musicians looking for other musicians to play with, if someone has laid down a guitar part and then another person adds bass – what do you do if someone comes along and adds a piano part or drums etc. and ruins the song?! On the other hand, this is a great way to collaborate, meet other musicians and form virtual bands.

You can keep up to date with the latest Tjoon additions by subscribing to their RSS feed, or just logging on to the website and going to the “Fresh Jams” section.

Here’s some more info. about Tjoon: is all about having online jam sessions and creating split screen videos. This new initiative is aimed at musicians, bands and other creative people, who like to record spontaneous songs with the rest of the world.

It works like this: someone records drums as a track with his or her webcam. After this: somebody else sees it and records guitar. That track appears next to the first track, up to 4 tracks can be recorded. In this way not only songs can be created online, but complete bands can be formed or just “one man bands”.

In other words creative entertaining videos: a video contains 4 tracks, that means 4 times more to watch than a normal video.

To record the videos, only a webcam is needed. No software has to be installed and it’s completely free. Tjoon was created by musicians and has been “live” for about 3 months. In this short period, hundreds of Tjoons have been recorded and lots of musicians have registered.

Tjoon was created by: Jaap van der Meer, Nico Langeveld, Rinde van Lon, Gido Tervooren, Gert-Jan van der Wel and Jeroen Bekkers.

For more information or to record your own Tjoon, go to:

Tjoon Official Website

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The One Love exclusive interview – with Ben Romans (The Click Five), Cassie and Jade

The One Love

Recently we interviewed Ben Romans (The Click Five), Cassie Petrey and Jade Driver from The One Love. They’ve been keeping busy blogging at The One Love website, where a community of bloggers have come together in support of their chosen charities. Read the exclusive interview!

The One Love

Recently we interviewed Ben Romans (The Click Five), Cassie Petrey and Jade Driver from The One Love. They’ve been keeping busy blogging at The One Love website, where a community of bloggers have come together in support of their chosen charities. All profits collected from traffic to each blog page, from banner ads, are donated to the bloggers’ charity of choice. Ben, Cassie and Jade have also been traveling and putting on events for The One Love, including a recent songwriters show in London.

The One Love interview with
By: Jenny May and Dave Tommo What is The One Love?

Ben Romans: The One Love is a place to blog about your passion with music and the things that surround it, while supporting the charity of the blogger’s choice.

Who is behind The One Love?

Ben: It all started with Cassie Petrey, Jade Driver, and myself…and Cassie and Jade are the web whizzes…but really it’s the awesome bloggers who share their thoughts with us.

How did Ben, Cassie and Jade meet?

Ben: Waaaaaay back when, my band was starting to tour. Cassie and Jade were both helping promote and get things rocking.

Cassie: I was working for the Warner Music Group at the time, and The Click Five signed to Atlantic (which is part of WMG) while I was with the company. Jade and I then came across The Click Five and decided they were our new favorite band, and wanted to help promote the band in every way possible.

What gave you the inspiration to embark on The One Love mission?

Ben: I think that artists sometimes aren’t allowed to talk about why they really do music, so we figured why not start a community, even better, a charitable community.

Jade: Let’s just say I missed one show to see another, not my choice, and it was the best decision anyone else has ever made for me. I think my inspiration for The One Love began the day I first saw Ben’s band, The Click Five, in concert and realized that this music was some of the best pop music I had ever heard and I made it my mission to tell the world it existed and to make sure it got the respect it deserved. Cassie was in that boat too.

Years later Cassie, Ben and I were discussing this topic and thus the idea began. We went through over a year of throwing back and forth ideas, designs and names for the site. We put a lot of work and heart into making this site the best it could be and are still in the growing process, making changes constantly. We hope that the site can help people channel their energy to help others through the inspiration of people that they can relate with and look up to.

How did the current bloggers on The One Love website get involved and how can other people join in?

Ben: Friends, friends through friends…so forth and so on.

Cassie: Right now, the best way to join in is by visiting the site and reading what all the bloggers have to say. Just by doing that, people are raising money for the various organizations that the site supports. However, we will eventually open up the site to anyone who wants to blog for charity.

How are the bloggers helping The One Love mission?

Cassie: Just by sharing their thoughts and promoting the site to their already existing fan base, they are raising awareness and funds for an organization that they support. We wanted to create a place where people could give back without donating money out of their pocket, and that’s exactly what we’re doing!

Ben: The great thing about a community is…if a fan checks out an artist, they may discover another artist on the site who they enjoy, and it spreads like wildfire. The bloggers have the opportunity to promote what they do, and their charity if they wish. Bloggers will also have the opportunity to participate in events down the road if things keep rocking.

Other than being a blogger, how else can people get involved in The One Love?

Ben: Support the artists, and their charities. Come check out events…we have some coming up…and just keep checking out the site for info!

The One Love was recently in England. How did you spread the word about the mission while you were there?

Ben: We did a special songwriter’s show with myself and James Bourne for The One Love. Stop The Traffik is also based in London, and we met to discuss how we could help each other out.

Cassie: I think this trip was more about laying down the groundwork for The One Love in the UK, rather than trying to get the word out to everyone possible. We really wanted to expose the site to key tastemakers…if that makes any sense. Our Stop The Traffik meeting was really inspiring, and made us realize how much we could do to help. We also have some new potential bloggers, which is always good!

Do you have any good stories that you would like to share about your experiences in London?

Ben: We had an absolute blast, especially with the songwriter show…many friends in the same room…good times. When you’re in a whirlwind, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one story.

Jade: I will say that this was not my favorite trip to England. Every travel delay/problem that could have happened, did happen. But, it was well worth the journey and we came back with some memories we won’t often forget. I believe my favorite moment was when leaving a McFly concert in Bournemouth; I looked at Cassie and told her we needed to leave when the last song began since we were parked on the 12th floor of a parking deck and we had a few hours drive ahead of us. Our sleep schedule was whack and any time I could save was time for me to sleep.

So, right before the last song the lights are up on the audience and Cassie begins to leave. I grabbed her arm and told her not to because she would be called out. She shrugged me off and continued up the stairs with our friend Cathy. I began to sneak out too when I heard, “Hey you, what are you doing!?” I jumped back in my seat and looked up at Cassie. She glared at me with the “why aren’t you following me” look and I pointed to the stage and said, “They are yelling at you!” Her face quickly turned red under her white hat and Tom yells at her “Why are you leaving? Everybody can see you! Danny follows with, “Hey you! Hey, girl in the white hat. It’s okay if you have diarrhea and have to leave. We understand.” Classic.

Cassie: Yes, I enjoyed Bournemouth as well. We also had a 4am encounter with Old Greg, which was quite exciting.

So, Cassie – we read in your blog that you had some transport issues while in England. What’s your opinion of the British transport system?

Cassie: I absolutely LOVE the British transport system. Getting on a train and being able to go pretty much anywhere in the country is just absolutely amazing. I wish that option existed in the US. There’s some trains that even had wireless internet…and that is AWESOME. The tube is really great too…I like it a lot better than the subway system in New York. We tried out driving while we were there this time, which wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be. A little tricky since it was on the opposite side of the road, but we managed. My only complaints are the small roads and lack of street signs. Other than that, we were good to go.

Do you plan on taking The One Love mission to other countries?

Cassie: Yes, of course. Singapore, Malaysia, and many other Asian countries are some of The One Love’s top trafficking countries, and we would love to get out there eventually.

Where has been the most welcoming place that you’ve visited so far?

Jade: Definitely Nottingham, where The One Love was born.

Cassie: Yes. I will forever be a fan of Nottingham. We met some absolutely amazing people there.

How did the songwriting showcase come about and who was involved with the one in London? What happens during a showcase?

Jade: In Nashville you find a lot of songwriters. Cassie and I currently live and run our business out of Nashville, TN. Ben lived here once also after college. We are all pretty familiar with the Nashville music scene and let me tell you, it’s not all country music. There are many, many songwriters in Nashville who constantly play small venues to showcase, or try out, their new material. These songwriters are not necessarily music artists, they mainly write songs for other artists. Songwriting is what they do. In some cases, they can be both. Many times you come across a trio of rough looking not so great singers who take turns playing a “round,” where each person plays one song at a time and it goes around as many times as the venue will allow it. They are there to play their songs, not perform them.

Many times people dismiss pop music as having no depth or meaning and think that all songs are generated by a marketing department and based on a not so real occurrence. In some cases this can be true. However, the talented songwriters who happen to be labeled as pop stars often miss out on the respect they should be given for their music. Being friends with people like Ben, his band mates, Tyler Hilton etc., we realize that their songs are true, meaningful and more complex than you may think. We wanted to show that these “pop stars” have more to offer than just a pretty face and wanted to showcase songs that they had written in a setting where they wouldn’t be judged by the way they were marketed as artists. We mimicked the Nashville model since it helped us with our ultimate goal of showcasing talent and not image.

The show was amazing. Being a huge fan of Brit pop myself, I was floored when James Bourne showed up to play along with Ben. I had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Bourne play a similar type of show in New York a few weeks prior and this surprise was more than enough to make me tear up a bit. James played some songs from his former band, Busted, and a song from his current band Son of Dork. He also played some McFly songs, a band that he writes with often. Ben played a few TC5 songs and a few of his own including a beautiful song called “Whiskey Street.” The highlight of the show came during The Click Five’s song “Jenny,” when James sang along and the audience joined in too. Often during rounds the musicians harmonize and play along with each other spontaneously.

You can watch video clips of the show here: The One Love on YouTube.

Do you plan on doing more? If so, where?

Jade: Yes! Our 2nd show will be held in New York City on January 21, 2008 at The Bitter End. Ben, Luke White, Eric Espiritu, Nate Campany and a few SPECIAL guests including some of these guys’ friends – if you get my drift – and others will be making special appearances. Other bloggers, of the non-performing breed, will be in attendance as well. Tickets will be $7 and all proceeds will be donated to charities supported by The One Love bloggers.

The Click Five

With Ben being a member of The Click Five, has the band been involved with The One Love? Do they have any plans to be involved in the future?

Jade: Several of the guys have expressed interest in being involved in different ways. Kyle recently wrote a guest blog under Ben’s blog and Joey is working with us to create an exclusive TOL tee-shirt through his new clothing line LTL, which gives a portion of its proceeds to the LTL Life Fund supported charities – There’s also talk of but that’s still kind of top secret.

How did The Click Five enjoy supporting Mcfly on tour and were there any memorable moments?

Jade: Ben didn’t get this far in the interview before I took over, but I was there during most of the tour and I’d like to say that my favorite moment was when Ben was wearing a braid in the back of his very stylish mullet and the camera man zoomed in, flashing that thing on the two HUGE screens above the stage! Okay, but even better than that, was that I got to spend two of the best weeks of my life seeing two extraordinarily amazing bands back to back each evening. This was what I called a little piece of heaven. I’ve never felt chill bumps like I did during those shows! I wonder if I’ll ever get that moment back?

Cassie: Braiding Ben’s hair, and then the fans ripping the braids out was definitely one of my favorite things about the tour. I also enjoyed the part of the show where giant beach balls were thrown into the audience every night. The Click Five really enjoyed supporting McFly, and we did as well.

What is the most exciting thing to do in Nashville?

Jade: The most exciting thing to do in Nashville is to hang out with Cassie and Jade of course. No, not really. We are pretty boring when we are at home. It is exciting however that there is live music to see every night! If you want to see a band you love or just some really good musicians or songwriters, there is always something going on. If you prefer to be on the other side of the mic, may I suggest Ms. Kelli’s karaoke in Printer’s Alley. They have about every song on Earth and it’s never too crowded so you can get in at least 4-5 good performances during an evening. As far as shows go, my personal fave venue is RCKTWN, but I’m sure Cassie has a different opinion. I prefer going down the road a bit to Franklin, TN for shopping in small boutiques…and if it’s food that you crave, may I suggest my fave restaurant Jackson’s. After eating the best paninis in town, please take time to indulge in the cookie egg rolls at least once in your life. Fellow blogger Nate Campany can attest to their amazingness!

Do you have more plans for The One Love website? If so, can you tell us what they are?

Jade: During the next six months the site will be changing a lot as we are working on a slow build and in it for the long haul. We will be adding the ability for people to comment on blogs, more bloggers and in the future we hope to make the site accessible for anybody to sign up to blog and support charities of their choice.

What is your message to the people of the world?

Jade: Love life. Love music. Love each other.

For more information and to read The One Love Blogs, go to:

Ben Romans’ Blog
Cassie Petrey’s Blog
Jade Driver’s Blog
The One Love Official Website features music, art, fashion and more – review

I’ve been spending some time looking around, which launched earlier this year. The website is a free talent search engine and artist directory, similar to a global Yellow Pages for talent and creativity. was founded by Jimi Beach, an entrepreneurial artist from Orlando, Florida and also a fellow musician, who played in the surf rock band Lo Presher.

At first, there’s a lot to take in on – there’s so much information available on the site. The good thing, though, is that it’s set up nicely and navigation is clear and to the point. I’m actually quite surprised with the number of talent “Channels” (categories) that are available for people to create profiles in.

At the time of this writing, the Channels are:

Art, Body, Comedy, Communication, Computer, Crafts, Dance, Design, DJ, Fashion, Film, Food, Gaming, Magic, Modeling, Music, Photography, Sports, Theater, Unique and Writing.

From what I’ve checked out in the Art, Fashion and Music Channels, there are indeed profiles created by some very talented individuals. It’s funny to see Magic listed, only because I’m not familiar with seeing Magic included on other social networking sites, but for any magicians out there, this would be the place for you! also includes directories, featured listings, most popular within Channels, the ability to add links to users websites in profiles and to get contacted directly. Musicians can add music, artists can add art etc. There are newsfeeds by genre and relevance which allows users to stay on top of breaking news and ahead of the trends affecting their industry. I’m a news junkie, so this is a handy feature.

The search options are great. Talent can be searched for by location, interests, specialties, tags and popularity. A person’s popularity or “POPfactor” is determined by how active they are on the site. The more you network, the higher your ranking. By connecting with other members, adding portfolios, being acknowledged, bookmarked or viewed by other members, among other things, improves a person’s POPfactor. The benefit to being more popular is that you end up with a higher position in the search rankings, which helps to increase exposure by user profiles getting found easier.

This isn’t “just another social networking site”. The free opportunities available to musicians, artists and more, along with the look and feel of the database, and the art that’s prominent throughout, helps for it to stand out as a quality website with a positive community environment.

For more information and to sign up, go to

By: Jenny May – Band Weblogs

Signed and unsigned bands promote music and submit news

It’s great to see that so many new Guest Music Bloggers have been submitting news at Band Weblogs. Guest Music Bloggers so far have included band members, solo artists, management, entertainment companies, pr companies, record companies and more who have come here to promote bands and music. Signed bands, unsigned bands and indie bands are all welcome to submit their music news at Band Weblogs.

I have quite an interest in knowing what’s going on in the music industry as well as keeping up with band news and new releases that are coming out.

Bands and artists – please read: Promote Your Music and leave a comment

It became difficult for me to keep track of all that is going on in the music world, so I figured the best way would be to have guest bloggers submit their own music news for not only me to read but for their fans and potential new fans to read as well.

There is quite a mix of information here, but the good thing is that it’s all music all the time. By reading some of the music news that gets submitted, new releases and gig dates, I’ve discovered quite a few new unsigned bands and signed bands that I really like (whether signed to an obscure indie label or a well known record company) that I would never have heard of otherwise.

If the guest blogger entry or news submission catches my eye, it’s easy to follow the included links to hear the band or artist. With the easy accessibility of the internet and band websites, this has become the most convenient way ever to listen to music. Pretty cool!

Bands and artists – please read: Promote Your Music and leave a comment

By: Jenny May

10 reasons why music blogs are great for bands

I could talk all night about music, blogs, bands and musicians. Rather than chew your ear out, instead, to save time I thought I would add a condensed version of my thoughts about music blogs. I’ve written before about band blogs and promotion, but now feel that this is a good time to bring up music blogs and how beneficial they are to bands and artists.

A quick sum up of what a music blog is: a blog about bands and music.

Comments are welcome if you have additional ideas and thoughts.

Okay, let’s get started:

1. Promotion
Music blogs are amazing promotional tools for bands. They are their own mini buzz machines. If the blogger likes the band they’re writing about great, if not they’ll still probably link to the band for readers to check out for themselves and at that point, readers and potential fans can make their own minds up.

2. Links
As the population on the internet continues to grow, it becomes more difficult for new up and coming bands and artists and their music to be ‘found’ by potential fans. When a music blogger adds links to bands either in a blog entry or on their sidebar, this helps expose the band more to the public eye.

3. Music
Music bloggers writing about music on a daily basis will most likely be linking to the band website and/or adding mp3s for readers to hear first hand what the blogger is writing about. If they are adding mp3s to their blogs, hopefully they’re getting permission from bands to do so.

4. Videos
For bands with videos, websites like Myspace and YouTube have made it easy for bloggers to embed video codes onto blogs. Videos are excellent on music blogs as the reader not only gets to read about the band, but can also hear the band and watch their video.

5. Fans
If a particular band is being written about favorably by influential, popular and/or trusted bloggers then there is a great chance that new fans will be made from readers of music blogs. As mentioned before, even if what the blogger is writing isn’t favorable, then there is the chance the reader simply won’t agree.
6. Community
There are quite a few music bloggers out there who dedicate blogs to specific bands and music styles ranging from jazz, blues, rnb, country, folk, punk, rock and more as well as blogs with various music topics. This can create a community of dedicated readers, subscribers and commenters who visit the blogs frequently.

7. Sales
Numbers 1-6 above could all lead to sales of music for bands and artists. Whether music blogs have direct links to artist downloads and online CD stores or if a reader decides to go out to a music shop to buy a CD after learning about a new band or album/single release after reading about it on a blog, then the music blog was indeed influential to the sale!

8. Live Show Dates
Fans are always interested to know when their favorite band will be playing live in their hometown. Music blogs help to keep the reader informed and reminded of tour dates, shows, gigs and live music events.

9. Opinion
Music blogs are great places to go for readers to find out what other people are thinking of a certain band, musician, singer. A blog search in Google or Technorati for “music blogs” can result in hundreds of current conversations taking place.

10. Easy Access
It’s so easy to find music blogs by doing a search on Google or to go to blog directories and browse their music categories. Music blogs also tend to link to and recommend other blogs on their sidebars.


11. Free
For now, most music blogs are free (hopefully it stays that way). The information about bands, opinions, music, videos and podcasts are free for music lovers to devour!

Bands who want to request a review from a music blogger can usually get in touch by contacting them via an email address provided on the blog or a contact page. adds a twist to all that is written above. Bands and artists can come here to promote themselves, in their own words as Guest Music Bloggers. PR agencies, record companies and band/artist management can also send in formal press releases and news of bands for publication on Band Weblogs. I also like to write about bands and music here, from a singer/musician point of view.

By: Jenny May