Signed and unsigned bands promote music and submit news

It’s great to see that so many new Guest Music Bloggers have been submitting news at Band Weblogs. Guest Music Bloggers so far have included band members, solo artists, management, entertainment companies, pr companies, record companies and more who have come here to promote bands and music. Signed bands, unsigned bands and indie bands are all welcome to submit their music news at Band Weblogs.

I have quite an interest in knowing what’s going on in the music industry as well as keeping up with band news and new releases that are coming out.

Bands and artists – please read: Promote Your Music and leave a comment

It became difficult for me to keep track of all that is going on in the music world, so I figured the best way would be to have guest bloggers submit their own music news for not only me to read but for their fans and potential new fans to read as well.

There is quite a mix of information here, but the good thing is that it’s all music all the time. By reading some of the music news that gets submitted, new releases and gig dates, I’ve discovered quite a few new unsigned bands and signed bands that I really like (whether signed to an obscure indie label or a well known record company) that I would never have heard of otherwise.

If the guest blogger entry or news submission catches my eye, it’s easy to follow the included links to hear the band or artist. With the easy accessibility of the internet and band websites, this has become the most convenient way ever to listen to music. Pretty cool!

Bands and artists – please read: Promote Your Music and leave a comment

By: Jenny May

Author: Jenny May

Jenny May is the founder of Band Weblogs. Based in Oxford, England (originally from New England), Band Weblogs was created in 2005. With a passion for music, Jenny May has performed with bands in the US and the UK, her music has appeared in films, she was a vocal coach for the Yamaha Rock School and has worked on music projects with musicians such as Jon Fishman (Phish), Fyfe Dangerfield (Guillemots) and Cisco Adler (Shwayze). Jenny is currently publishing music news, conducting exclusive interviews and writing music commentary for Band Weblogs and writing, recording and performing music with duo Purple May.

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  1. here is the link to my new music video for “where we belong” starring Nicole Malgarini and directed by Bryan Beasley. Thanks for helping me get the word out. take care, johnny bennett

  2. Hey! My name is Nick Gill. I’m an 18 yr. old singer/songwriter. I’ve just finished my 3rd album. It was recorded at Fudge Recording Studio (Better Than Ezra’s private studio) in New Orleans, La and was produced by Jack Miele (The Molly Ringwalds)and Jacques DeLatour.
    It’s now available on iTunes!

  3. Our music mixes 80s digital effects, found sounds, radio recordings, valves, the sounds of other people’s lives.

    Our first EP, “Noise of Life”, will be released soon.

    In the meantime, we hope you enjoy checking out the sounds on our myspace page.

  4. Buzzowrthy artist L’illion has been honored with a GrIndie Award (Independent Artist Music Awards – Best New Music 2009) for her debut album ‘Warrior Angel’.

    Warrior Angel is a palette of uniques vibes, sensual grooves, and memorable lyrics, all coupled with continuous sound hooks on this new CD release. “Warrior Angel”, features emotive songs that capture a wide variety of listeners. From the first up-tempo, hip-swaying single “Love Story” to the more intense mystical title track Warrior Angel, her songs create a musical vision set on today and tomorrow. A true gem for fans craving a multidimensional feel.

    Get her music at

  5. Here is a Link to where you can hear a few songs off my mixtape I Declare War which was released in Sept.2012. MY names Equation and my new album Dysfunctional Behavior is set to drop Early 2013. I Declare War the mixtape is available now iTunes so go scoop that out and follow me on the journey to restore music back to its proper place.

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