Cool band alert: The Ghost Frequency + Nightmare video + tour dates

I’ve been listening to The Ghost Frequency, and I’m really liking their sound. They’re an electro, foot stompin’, head bangin’, cool rocking band from London.

Is there a new trend happening? It seems electro has been creeping it’s way into the airwaves at a higher rate than normal recently and I’m beginning to have a new outlook on electro music.

See if you can get your head around this: The Ghost Frequency have mixed electro with cool synths and bass sounds, clever changes, they’ve added an indie like feel at times with punk, rock and dance beats in such a way, that they’ve certainly peaked my ears and have caught my attention. It’s always great to come across a band that’s difficult to describe.

The Ghost Frequency’s latest single, “Nightmare” is set for release 13th August 2007 on Buddhist Punk/City Rockers. “Nightmare” will be available on 7″ vinyl and digital formats.

Watch The Ghost Frequency – “Nightmare” video:

The Ghost Frequency’s 2007 tour dates:

Dates could be added or changed! Go to The Ghost Frequency’s Official Website for the latest news and information.

8 August 2007 Rough Trade In Store @ new brick lane store london
10 August 2007 Year Zero Club London
11 August 2007 Leeds Faversham Leeds
12 August 2007 Manchester Roadhouse Manchester
13 August 2007 Endingburgh Festival @ liquid rooms sppt Duke Special Edingburgh
16 August 2007 Nottingham Social Nottingham
18 October 2007 Hadouken Tour – Newcastle University Newcastle
19 October 2007 Hadouken Tour – Glasgow ABC Glasgow
20 October 2007 Hadouken Tour – Aberdeen Moshulu Aberdeen
21 October 2007 Hadouken Tour – Edingburgh Liquid Rooms Edingburgh
23 October 2007 Hadouken Tour – Preston 53 Degrees Prston
24 October 2007 Hadouken Tour- Tamwoth Palace Tamworth
25 October 2007 Hadouken Tour – Brighton Corn Exchange Brighton
26 October 2007 Hadouken Tour – Southampton Uni Southampton
28 October 2007 Hadouken Tour – Bristol Academy Bristol
29 October 2007 Hadouken Tour – Newport TJ’s Newport
30 October 2007 Hadouken Tour – Exeter Lemon Grove Exeter
31 October 2007 Hadouken Tour – Yeovil Ski Lodge Yeovil
3 November 2007 Hadouken Tour – Leeds Metro Leeds
4 November 2007 Hadouken Tour – Manchester Academy Manchester
5 November 2007 Hadouken Tour – Liverpol Academy Liverpool
6 November 2007 Hadouken Tour – Wolfun Hall Wolverhampton

For more information, go to The Ghost Frequency’s new blog. There’s pictures and some blog entries. Hopefully they’ll continue to keep it up to date!

The Ghost Frequency Nightmare YouTube video link (website coming soon)
The Ghost Frequency on Myspace

By: Jenny May – Band Weblogs

Noisettes Scratch Your Name video and tour dates

NoisettesThis morning our mini video session was a success. Normally the TV doesn’t stay on very long in the mornings especially if there’s ‘nothing on’, but when the Noisettes video for their latest single, “Scratch Your Name” started up I knew we were on to a winner.

I’ve been hearing a lot about the Noisettes lately and keep running into them on Myspace but hadn’t yet sat down to give them a good listen until today. It goes to show, YouTube isn’t the only source for discovering new bands – TV can still be good for watching music videos (depending on your tolerance levels) as I have been getting turned on to a few bands lately via the telly.

If you’re into your London based indie rock bands with a punk edge that include cool looking and sounding female singers backed by a loud band, then run out to your local music shop and buy the Noisettes latest CD. Better yet, make it easier for yourself and buy it online.

“Scratch Your Name” is off of Noisettes latest album What’s The Time Mr. Wolf? which was recently released in the US and the UK. In the “Scratch Your Name” video, singer and bassist Shingai Shoniwa reminded me of Grace Jones a bit – her clothes, hair and makeup were reminiscent of the flamboyant and statuesque singer popular in the 80’s. Guitarist Dan Smith and drummer Jamie Morrison round out the band and they all look like they’re having a good time. Certainly one of the coolest bands that I’ve seen and heard in awhile.

Watch the Noisettes video for “Scratch Your Name”

Noisettes have quite a big tour planned across Europe, the UK and the US this spring and summer so if you like what you hear check them out!

Following are the Noisettes 2007 tour dates:

*Dates could be added or changed! Go to the Noisettes Official Website for the latest tour dates and information.

May 2 2007 Kings College – SOLD OUT London
May 3 2007 53 Degrees Preston
May 4 2007 Cornerhouse – Sumo Middlesbrough
May 5 2007 The Priory Doncaster
May 6 2007 Cathouse Glasgow
May 8 2007 Keele University, Love Music Hate Racism event Keele
May 9 2007 Mojo event London
May 9 2007 Soundhaus Northampton
May 11 2007 Rosis Berlin
May 12 2007 Molotov Hamburg
May 13 2007 Geb?ude 9 Cologne
May 14 2007 Ekko Utrecht
May 18 2007 Topman DJ set London
May 19 2007 Great Escape Festival Brighton
May 21 2007 Temple Bar, Bud Rising Show, supporting Maximo Park Dublin
May 24 2007 Koko, War Child Event London
May 26 2007 Pinkpop Festival, 3FM stage near Amsterdam
May 27 2007 Pompano Beach Amphitheatre West Palm Beach, Florida
May 28 2007 USF Sun Dome Tampa, Florida
May 29 2007 UCF Arena Orlando, Florida
May 31 2007 Tabernacle Atlanta, Georgia
Jun 1 2007 House Of Blues North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Jun 2 2007 Millenium Center Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Jun 5 2007 Electric Factory Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jun 6 2007 Knitting Factory New York
Jun 7 2007 Asbury Park Convention Hall Asbury Park, New Jersey
Jun 9 2007 Schubas Chicago
Jun 11 2007 Uptown Theatre Kansas City, Kansas
Jun 12 2007 Ogden Centre Denver, Colorado
Jun 13 2007 The Pearl Las Vegas, Nevada
Jun 14 2007 Pop Scene @ 330 Ritch San Francisco
Jun 15 2007 Troubadour Los Angeles
Jun 16 2007 Viejas Concerts In The Park Alpine, California
Jun 20 2007 Pembroke May Ball, Pembroke College Cambridge
Jun 22 2007 Glastonbury Casino @ Lost Vagueness near Glastonbury town
Jun 23 2007 Glastonbury, Leftfield stage ? Love Music Hate Racism near Glastonbury town
Jun 24 2007 Glastonbury, John Peel Stage. near Glastonbury town
Jun 27 2007 Hove Festival, Marquee stage Tromoy, Ardenal
Jun 30 2007 Bournemouth Music Festival, headline slot Bournemouth
Jul 1 2007 Metropolis Festival Rotterdam
Jul 4 2007 Manchester Academy 3, International Festival, headliners Manchester
Jul 13 2007 Lounge On The Farm Canterbury
Jul 27 2007 Secret Garden Party, main stage near Cambridge
Jul 28 2007 Standon Calling Festival at The Spitz, headline slot London
Aug 2 2007 Sudoeste Festival Zambujeira do Mar
Aug 4 2007 1st Festival Wick, Wales
Aug 17 2007 Pukkelpop Festival Kiewit, Hasselt
Aug 24 2007 Rock En Seine Festival Paris
Sep 7 2007 Isle Of Wight Festival, Main Stage Isle Of Wight

Noisettes Official Website
Noisettes on Myspace

By: Jenny May

Signed and unsigned bands promote music and submit news

It’s great to see that so many new Guest Music Bloggers have been submitting news at Band Weblogs. Guest Music Bloggers so far have included band members, solo artists, management, entertainment companies, pr companies, record companies and more who have come here to promote bands and music. Signed bands, unsigned bands and indie bands are all welcome to submit their music news at Band Weblogs.

I have quite an interest in knowing what’s going on in the music industry as well as keeping up with band news and new releases that are coming out.

Bands and artists – please read: Promote Your Music and leave a comment

It became difficult for me to keep track of all that is going on in the music world, so I figured the best way would be to have guest bloggers submit their own music news for not only me to read but for their fans and potential new fans to read as well.

There is quite a mix of information here, but the good thing is that it’s all music all the time. By reading some of the music news that gets submitted, new releases and gig dates, I’ve discovered quite a few new unsigned bands and signed bands that I really like (whether signed to an obscure indie label or a well known record company) that I would never have heard of otherwise.

If the guest blogger entry or news submission catches my eye, it’s easy to follow the included links to hear the band or artist. With the easy accessibility of the internet and band websites, this has become the most convenient way ever to listen to music. Pretty cool!

Bands and artists – please read: Promote Your Music and leave a comment

By: Jenny May

Sebastian Lorefice – Short Stories Infinite Corridors

S LoreficeShort Stories Infinite Corridors is a reference to several points of time during the history of film. It could also apply to music because in both cases the art forms have infinite corridors of time that you can relive because of their ability to be preserved infinitely with technology and remastering techniques.

Sebastian Lorefice is a self sufficient indie musician that has his own interpretations of time and space regarding the world of music and film. He takes an interesting and atmospheric instrumental view of the corridors he walks down. Notice the Hollywood walk of fame path inviting you into his world on the cover? Be careful how far you walk though as you may fall off the edge and be lost forever in the universe and its black hole of short stories.

I like to look at the covers of CDs to see what the messages are and then try to unlock the answers while listening to the music. The music of Lorefice allowed me to go through that enjoyable process. There is plenty of variety offered on this CD. The talented artist composes and performs everything using a Fatar master keyboard (STUDIO 1100) plugged into a Korg Trinity Plus. “You’re Inviting Eyes” is the only cover on the album. The only help he gets musically is from Peter Pistevos (electric guitar on “Soldier” and “Street Gangs”) and Adam Calaitzis (drum programming). Through nine cinematic tracks, Lorefice brings you contemporary jazz sliced up with parts of electronic keyboards and an occasional odd sound or tweak for the desired and necessary effect. “Lugosi’s Lullaby” is a good example of this method. It makes you feel there is a vampire lurking around the corner, along with the things that go bump in the night, to make Bela stalking you believable.

While listening, my son got bits and pieces of this along the way and he kept asking me “You already listened to this right?” And my reply would be, “Yes, several times.” This is a typical scenario in the room I listen to my music and go through my process to write about it. This time the comment I heard from the young man was “This reminds me of music on some of my games.” Soundtracks for video games are big business these days and I have to agree with him, I heard plenty that could fit into that area.

This is an interesting combination of jazz and world fusion that rocks you with some punch and also has its share of moments where it sounds quirky and futuristic. It keeps you on your toes wondering what the next track is about to bring. For my varied tastes and judicious ears this was a pleasure to listen to. When the music stops the stories end but they don’t have to, just play it all again.

Artist: Sebastian Lorefice
Title: Short Stories Infinite Corridors
Genre: Jazz-World-Fusion
Label: Arc Sound Limited
CD Baby Link

1. Soldier (4:57)
2. Street Gangs (5:40)
3. Your Inviting Eyes (7:58)
4. Espionage (9:04)
5. Shaolin Temple (7:39)
6. Lugosi’s Lullaby (2:48)
7. Ufo File (4:56)
8. Hostile Planet (7:17)
9. Water Slide (4:29)


Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

Bard Shasta Re-Masters Indie Release No More Smoking!

ShastaWhen you hear the name Shasta you immediately think of the famous mountain; however, in the world of music it has another meaning. Shasta is a Bard with a guitar, armed and ready to make you reflect and ponder your very existence on this planet while questioning your own belief system. The New England native made a life-changing sojourn to California years ago, which is when he began developing into the artist he is today.

The re-mastered and re-issued version of “No More Smoking!” will have folk rock fans wondering why Shasta has not opened for legendary acts like Dylan. He won Dylan imitator contests in the past, so it is no coincidence his sound is similar. The lyrics he presents in a song are just as thought provoking and prolific as some of the master’s work. Although Shasta does not take himself that seriously, he knows how to have fun in a song and get his audiences laughing. The tongue in cheek innuendo of “It Won’t Reach! (My Hose Won’t Reach!),” is proof positive of his penchant for comedy and tragedy going hand in hand within one recording. Shasta’s gift for the dramatic and politically driven messages is evident as well. Just as his major influences have done in the past, he has a mission and seeks to spread his messages through his music. Shasta also imparts plenty of soul seeking and lyrics about love, which can be serious and funny all at the same time. In a world full of lying politicians and negative media, Shasta is a breath of fresh air appreciated for candor and his heart-on-the-sleeve approach.

Tony Bates of 100.6 Highlands FM in Victoria Australia had this to say about the reissue of “No More Smoking!”- “How can one re-release an album that on first hearing needs no additional work? Well, Shasta has surpassed himself by revitalizing his previous album and, guess what? It works! The Bard has proved that one can improve on what others feel is a masterpiece and he has done so without either ruining the essential and initial essence of the album or over-vamping it. Not many could do that, but that just shows Shasta has an intuitive view of his work. This latest release should be bought as an add-on to its predecessor as the two are complimentary.”

Visit Shasta’s website & Myspace for updates on performance dates, downloads, pictures, and more.

Contact: Shasta
Company: Mountain Thunder Music
Address: Chester, CT
Tel: 203-947-1333
CD Baby Link
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