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Cool band alert: The Ghost Frequency + Nightmare video + tour dates

I’ve been listening to The Ghost Frequency, and I’m really liking their sound. They’re an electro, foot stompin’, head bangin’, cool rocking band from London. Is there a new trend happening? It seems electro has been creeping it’s way into the airwaves at a higher rate than normal recently and I’m beginning to have a […]

Noisettes Scratch Your Name video and tour dates

This morning our mini video session was a success. Normally the TV doesn’t stay on very long in the mornings especially if there’s ‘nothing on’, but when the Noisettes video for their latest single, “Scratch Your Name” started up I knew we were on to a winner. I’ve been hearing a lot about the Noisettes […]

Signed and unsigned bands promote music and submit news

It’s great to see that so many new Guest Music Bloggers have been submitting news at Band Weblogs. Guest Music Bloggers so far have included band members, solo artists, management, entertainment companies, pr companies, record companies and more who have come here to promote bands and music. Signed bands, unsigned bands and indie bands are […]

Sebastian Lorefice – Short Stories Infinite Corridors

Short Stories Infinite Corridors is a reference to several points of time during the history of film. It could also apply to music because in both cases the art forms have infinite corridors of time that you can relive because of their ability to be preserved infinitely with technology and remastering techniques. Sebastian Lorefice is […]

Bard Shasta Re-Masters Indie Release No More Smoking!

When you hear the name Shasta you immediately think of the famous mountain; however, in the world of music it has another meaning. Shasta is a Bard with a guitar, armed and ready to make you reflect and ponder your very existence on this planet while questioning your own belief system. The New England native […]