Antarctica Live Earth Nunatak - the band of scientists + video

Antarctica - Live EarthAntarctica will be supplying a band for Live Earth after all. The indie rock band Nunatak will be playing July 7th 2007 for the Live Earth concert events set to take place around the world.

The whole Al Gore and the seven continents idea for the Live Earth concerts did concern me for awhile when Antarctica was thrown into the mix. With all of the controversy surrounding Live Earth as it is, the thought of Al Gore flying bands down to Antarctica for a Save the Earth campaign was a bit extreme to say the least. For awhile, things got quiet regarding Antarctica so I began to think that it just wasn't going to happen there.

Now it's been confirmed that Nunatak is set to play at the British Antarctic Survey's (BAS) Rothera Research Station, and that Nunatak is a house band made up of scientists that already reside in Antarctica. Good idea. Their performance will be viewed via a high-speed datalink. I think the only thing that did stop Al Gore from flying more people down there was that he physically can't make it happen. July is winter in Antarctica, and apparently no planes or boats can get in or out at that time.

Watch a sneak preview video of British Antarctic Survey's band, Nunatak, rehearsing for Live Earth:

A few years ago I actually met a scientist that used to go to Antarctica to work. He was a nice man named Michael. I haven't seen him in a long time, but I was always intrigued by the fact that he would go down there.

I think that area of the world is precious and the fewer people that frivolously make the trek the better. On the other hand, that is one of the places in the world that I would love to go...hypocrital? Maybe if I stow away on some ship that's going there anyway for important reasons, then I won't be leaving a carbon footprint behind! It's not easy dampening our natural desires to explore. These are confusing times.

Nunatak band members are:

Matt Balmer - Electronics Engineer - Singer, Guitar
Tris Thorne - Communications Engineer - Fiddle
Ali (Alison) Massey - Marine Biologist - Saxophone
Rob Webster - Meteorologist - Drums
Roger Stilwell - Field General Assistant (polar guide) - Bass

I'm looking forward to hearing them!

Learn more about Nunatak - Live Earth and Rothera Research Station in Antarctica.

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3 Responses to Antarctica Live Earth Nunatak - the band of scientists + video

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  2. J242 says:

    The fact that MSN is leaving Nunatak out of their official band lineup and doesn't have any video available is rediculous and offensive! I just saw the band perform and it was hands down one of the best performances so far of the entire event. I want to see them again! I don't care about some scrawny little girl single about her umbrella, I want to hear Nunatak again! They should be on the MSN video page like every other artist for their contribution to the event and their wonderful performance!

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