London based band The Disclaimer - "As Long As It Takes" debut single

The Disclaimer

The Disclaimer are set to release their first single, "As Long As It Takes" on November 5th 2007 in the UK. "As Long As It Takes" is the North West London indie/pop trio's debut release off of their self titled first studio album out on November 12th.

After their recent stint of London shows, the timing couldn't be better for The Disclaimer to be releasing their upcoming single. The Disclaimer's live show is one of the reasons for their recent jump into popularity - their harmonies are a treat, their live sound is tight and they unfailingly please the crowd with their extraordinary stage performance.

"As Long As It Takes" is a great example of the melodic harmonies that The Disclaimer produce. The single is so 'now' sounding with its ska/indie edge, that it could easily sit alongside songs like "Torn On The Platform" by Jack Penate and "Foundations" by Kate Nash in any self respecting pop lover's playlist.

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