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Celine Dion

Celine Dion is finally back in the spotlight for the world to see and hear. As her five year stint at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas comes to a close, she's set to release her latest album, 'Taking Chances' and her new single by the same name, along with a world tour scheduled to begin on February 14th, 2008.

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"Taking Chances" was written by BMI's 2007 Pop Songwriter of The Year Kara Dioguardi, one of the most sought after songwriters in pop music today and Dave Stewart (Eurythmics). They've come up with what could be for me, the best pop ballad of the year - with Celine Dion on vocals.

There are quite a few mixed feelings about Celine Dion, maybe for some, her music is a bit too glossy. I think she has a beautiful voice and is a class act entertainer. I remember the first time I saw her perform live on TV. At the time I think I was just making my mind up about her. After her performance I thought she was the most unique, quirky, fun and talented singer that I had seen in a long time. There is simply no one like her. Celine Dion is her own woman.

The new single "Taking Chances" sends a message and Celine Dion is able to convey that message perfectly. There's so much passion within her vocal performance, it would be difficult not to hear the lyrics and understand what the song is about - taking a chance, living life on the edge with someone that you don't know very well, not worrying about the consequences of your actions.

With the gradual build up of the song, it's wonderful to hear Celine's delicate intro and then later the crescendo, with the anxious and passionate question, "What do you say to taking chances? What do you say to jumping off the edge, never knowing if there's solid ground below, or hand to hold, or hell to pay. What do you say, What do you say?"

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One thought on “Celine Dion "Taking Chances" review + watch video

  1. Sandra

    This song was first recorded by Platinum Weird and they don't get enough credit. I have heard both versions and while Celine has a powerful voice -- her version is too light and flowery and doesn't have enough depth .. Platinum Weird sing it perfectly and much better in my opinion.
    Why is it that their video of it is being removed everywhere -- is this a thorn in Celine's pride?

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