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  • Even more from the new Bud Ad! Budweiser Band plays "Push it" + watch video »

    Dave Cloud - Budweiser - True Dedications

    There's been quite a buzz surrounding the new Budweiser True Dedication ads on UK TV. The ads feature the "Budweiser Band" - a band of musicians ...


    The Twang "Push The Ghosts" digital EP + watch video! »

    The Twang - Push The Ghosts

    "Push The Ghosts" is, essentially, the start of The Twang. The first song written by the band after guitarist Stu Hartland joined, the first song on which Phil gave up the bass guitar (to John) and concentrated purely on singing. The first song to be written by the five lads we now know as The Twang [...]


    The Twang - Salt n Pepa get Twangoed on revamped "Push the Ghosts" + tour dates »

    The Twang

    If 2006 was all about promise for The Twang, 2007 has been all about delivery. Tipped by seemingly everyone at the start of the year, the five lads from Birmingham set about living up to such extravagant praise from the off whilst keeping their feet firmly on the ground [...]

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