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The Twang "Push The Ghosts" digital EP + watch video!

The Twang - Push The Ghosts

"Push The Ghosts" is, essentially, the start of The Twang. The first song written by the band after guitarist Stu Hartland joined, the first song on which Phil gave up the bass guitar (to John) and concentrated purely on singing. The first song to be written by the five lads we now know as The Twang. It was the first song the band demoed with producer Gavin Monaghan, who went on to man the desk for the gold certified debut, 'Love It When I Feel Like This'. For the band, "Push The Ghosts" was the moment when The Twang really seemed like a possibility, the point at which being in the band could replace the workaday lives they were stuck with at the time.

Watch The Twang - "Push The Ghosts" video:

The album version, which features as part of this bundle, is that moment on record. Written by John and Saunders whilst Phil was on holiday with impetus from (now) band photographer Lee, the tune started with Lee playing a bassline on a keyboard in the studio. As with some songs, the verses and choruses flowed and, on Phil's return, not only did he find he no longer played bass in The Twang, he also found a basic new song that all agreed would be their first real moment. The five then worked this into the song you hear in very quick time, John recalling the whole thing came together in under an hour, Phil remarking that Stu's guitar line was nailed within 20 minutes of that. As with all band's signature moments, it all came together so easily it felt like it was writing itself. The Salt 'n' Pepa moment is courtesy of John. There's no big story here, like the rest of the history of the song, he had a moment, tried it and all agreed it worked perfectly.

The acoustic version, in a rare Twang moment, came after the album version. Most Twang tunes are written on acoustic and then fleshed out and re-interpreted by the band. "Push The Ghosts" worked the other way, Stu doing his thing in double quick time, as ever basing the version on an acoustic guitar line that is inaudible in the original.

For the single, the band elected to change the song slightly to re-interpret it more as a dance floor tune. Taking the sample as a reference, the single version loses none of the swagger and majesty of the original but marries it with a more rhythmically strict beat and sparing use of the Salt 'n' Pepa "Push It" sample to create a new version of this most important of Twang tunes.

Also part of the package is the video for "Push The Ghosts", which sees the urban fox of the album cover on the rampage with a friend, the remix of the track by TCS (including one of the world famous Miss Moneypenny's DJs), and an audio commentary from the band on the importance and history of "Push The Ghosts" for The Twang.

"Push the Ghosts" digital EP is released on November 26th, 2007.

Pre-order Here

"Push the Ghosts" is also available on CD, 7" and 7" picture disc.

"Push The Ghosts" video link

The Twang Official Website
The Twang on Myspace

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