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DJ Disciple

DJ Disciple recently released his "Work It Out" debut single on House Trained Records. The song features Dawn Tallman and the single includes dance mixes by Mischa Daniels, Klaas, Whelan & Di Scala and more.

DJ Disciple is one of the busiest DJs out there, playing clubs around the world, and has worked in more clubs in the UK than any American DJ before.

Being somewhat new to the DJ scene, I thought it would be interesting to learn more about DJ Disciple, and also to introduce him to Band Weblogs' readers who may not yet be familiar with his music.

Jenny May: What is a typical week like for you when you're on the road, touring clubs?

DJ Disciple: Absorb the culture, food, and music trend going on in the region.

What is a typical night like for you when Djing at a club?

Much of my support system coming out for me, going crazy, but stealing all of my drink tickets since I never drink.

Do you have a favorite place where you like to play?

Lesouk, my bi-weekly residency in New York where I push the latest trends of house music and The next level party where I continue with the traditional soulful sounds of house.

What are your favorite songs at the moment?

Afefe Iku's "Mirror Dance", Bob Sinclair & Axwell's "Wonderful World" and too many others to mention.

How do you come across the music that you play?

My connection has always been strong musically. Record labels always give me things to play because I work every week.

Do many people travel with you on the road (who is your team)?

Nope, I'm solo.

How was it decided who would do the remixes of "Work It Out"?

David Tort and I met at DJ Ruff's house in LA. I agreed to do a swap with them on their project and I did the remix with them for "Work It Out". When we finished, Gilbert Le Funk got commissioned to do his own remix. I was the first label he did remixes for and I believed in his talents immensely. Now everyone knows how good he is.

How did Dawn Tallman get involved?

Dawn did the original song as a relationship record, but I decided to ad my lyrics to make it more of a party vibe.

You've been involved with many different projects like film, remixes, Djing - what do you enjoy working on the most, creatively?

DJing by far. It still drives me. I love the thrill of taking the crowd on a musical journey.

Where do you like to go to just chill out?

I'm a comic book freak, well, a book freak in general. I love reading.

If you could work with any singer/artist, that you haven't already - who would it be?

Ron Carroll and Duane Harden.

What is your preferred studio environment like when recording?

Anywhere in Europe with engineers that use Logic.

Are you working on or planning other projects for the future? If so, what?

David Tort's new single with DJ Ruff was out last week. I have some special trackier things coming out for the summer. Watch for them!

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  1. adam says:

    electro at its best! love rise up! nice drop to end. peace

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