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Innervision Records now signing new artists

The #1 indie record and label for the 3rd week in a row at is currently seeking new talent and is now signing new artists.

Innervision Records is a new and innovative record label with a special focus on operating within the ever-changing music industry and revolutionizing the way the artist-label relationship works.

Innervision specializes in Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Chill, Neo-Soul and World Music. Innervision Records is dedicated to infusing fresh, new styles of music, and raising the level of the music you hear by bringing your airwaves, internet and satellite radio great independent music created by artists with a passion for music. This passion, coupled with Innervision’s rejection of the corporate music industry model, enables Innervision Records to bring unique and refreshing music to the masses.

Innervision Records artist Blake Aaron is currently #1 on the indie charts with his album, ‘Desire’.

For more information, please visit:

Innervision Records Official Website
Innervision Records on Myspace

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