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Youtube, Grateful Dead and Candyman


Livingroom entertainment certainly has evolved over the years. From singing around the piano, to sitting on the floor listening to the radio, then came TV, karaoke and now you guessed it: huddled around the computer watching videos on youtube.

And that’s exactly what we did when we got home late on Saturday night. Rather than turn on the lights and then the TV or stereo, we went straight to the computer and on to youtube where we went in search of cool, quality videos that we either had never seen or couldn’t wait to see again.

We watched too many videos to list here right now, but let’s just say that there was a very wide spectrum of genres and bands being appreciated that night. The Grateful Dead being one of those bands.

Let me start out by saying that I’m not a huge Grateful Dead fan, however, I do like their music and did attend one of their last shows ever (with Jerry) in Highgate, Vermont which was probably one of the best concert experiences that I’ve had. Also, when I was singing in bands in Vermont one song that really caught my attention and I just had to sing was their song, ‘Candyman’. Absolutely love it. There’s just something about it-the chords seem to pull at my heart strings.

For some reason when we were going through videos that night I thought to look up Candyman on youtube and I was pretty excited to see that there is video footage of the song which I had never seen and would like to now share with you.

They seem to be playing it slower than I remember here, apparently ‘From PBS’s Calebration Show. Recorded at the KQED Studios, San Francisco, 8/30/70.’ Pretty cool seeing a young Jerry Garcia and the band.

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

By: Jenny May

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  2. By Kasia on Nov 11, 2008 | Reply

    WOW!I looooove it!!!

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