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YouTube drinking game + "Beth" video by Kiss

Peter Criss - KissWe have a new music game that we like to play. It involves YouTube, red wine and music knowledge. All you have to do is come up with an old music video, find it on YouTube, hope that the other person hasn't seen it and drink. If they have seen the video, that's cool too. Easy.

It's fun playing the YouTube video game with Dave because we're from different countries and usually it's easy to introduce new music to each other. Our musical backgrounds are quite different as well, which can make things even more interesting.

I continue to be surprised though, when he hasn't heard a certain song that I take for granted. Such as the other night when I played "Beth" by Kiss. Luckily it was easy to find the video on YouTube and then there he was. My favorite Kiss member, the Cat - Peter Criss singing his heart out about playing with the boys all night. I love that song.

Watch a live video of Peter Criss from Kiss singing "Beth"

Then I had to go on to play more Kiss videos like I Was Made For Loving You and Rock N Roll All Nite. Technically I cheated because we're supposed to take turns - one video per go, but at that point I couldn't stop myself and Dave had to wait it out.

I'm sure I enjoyed watching the "Beth" video more than Dave did, but it's still fun introducing new music to him. I love to see the videos that he comes up with, too. As a matter of fact, after watching Kiss his answer back to me was to play the video for "Bad Boy" by The Adicts.

Yes - we're easily amused.

Kiss Online
Peter Criss Official Website

By: Jenny May

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