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Lil' Chris From Gene Simmons Rock School is Gettin' Enough

Lil' Chris - Gettin' EnoughAfter an impressive debut single with his "Checkin' It Out" release, Lil' Chris has come a long way since his stint as singer/guitarist in Gene Simmons Rock School. The show was filmed at Kirkley Community High School in Lowestoft, England and aired on Channel 4 in the UK in January. Since then, Lil' Chris Hardman signed to RCA Records and his debut single hit the top ten in the UK charts. Now he's set to release his second single, "Gettin' Enough" on December 4th, just in time for the #1 Christmas single race.

The sound of "Gettin' Enough" is somewhat reminiscent of The Undertones, "Teenage Kicks" which seems fitting considering Lil' Chris is a teenager himself at 16. It was funny watching Rock School and seeing how little regard the kids had for Gene Simmons, known for his wild antics in the band Kiss. It seems strange to be living in a world where there are people out there who haven't a clue who Kiss is and which songs they're responsible for. Even the people who claim to be Kiss fans seem to have let my favorite Kiss song, "Beth" slip by them.

Either way, if you haven't had a chance to see Gene Simmons Rock School you can find video clips and information from past episodes on Channel 4's Rock School website.

Watch the video for Lil' Chris' "Gettin' Enough".

Be sure to check out Lil' Chris' cool Website!

By: Jenny May

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  2. By alejandra betancourth on May 3, 2007 | Reply

    no comments is great.... i wacht rockschool that"s so cute and sammy is the best ilove for evr cris and sammy..........sammy i love

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