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Kellylee Evans-Fight or Flight?

Kellylee Evans Kellylee Evans decides to take flight rather than fight on her new recording Fight or Flight? The title of the CD will have different interpretations by each individual listener no doubt. I see it as an artist deciding to do what comes natural-sing her heart out and record one fine album filled with jazz and emotion. Evans has a lovely warm delivery expressed through the twelve tracks on this CD.

Ms. Evans surrounds herself with a cache of excellent musicians and it becomes apparent rather promptly when “What About Me” begins, that this is the foundation of her ultimate success. Although the most important instrument on the album is her voice…what would any great set of pipes be without a backing band that can get the job done? Evans’ voice sounds like it was designed for jazz and there is no question about it once you hear the entire album. Kellylee sounds like she has the jazz vibe and groove running through every fiber of her being. This natural feeling and down to earth style comes through brilliantly on all twelve tracks.

My favorites are the opener “What About Me?,” which is so good you get to hear it again at end of the CD as a bonus track only this time it’s a saucier slow burner version. “Rapunzel” is a great showcase for Kellylee’s versatile vocal chords. The Latin beats suit her well and the way she controls the words and the inflection of her voice is just superb throughout the track. You will get right into the story instantly and start picturing what the fair maiden that drives all the men wild looks like. “How Can You Get Along Without Me?” is a classic. It is an original Evans track that I could see Sinatra or Bennett singing, snapping their fingers, and tapping their feet from start to finish.

This CD comes filled with great music accompanied by fine vocals, essentially everything that you would love about a favorite album. For all of the reasons mentioned above, this CD has become one of my favorite jazz vocal albums of 2006. Thank god, there are still people making great jazz albums these days, it gives me hope, it gives indie music as an entity hope, and that is a good thing.

© Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

01. What About Me?
02. Lead Me Closer
03. I Don’t Want You To Love Me
04. Hooked
05. Fight of Flight? (Help Me, Help You)
06. I Don’t Think I Want To Know
07. Let’s Call a Truce Tonight
08. Rapunzel
09. How Can You Get Along Without Me?
10. Enough
11. Who Knows
12. What About Me? (Bonus Track)


Kellylee Evans: vocals, bass programming (2)
Carlos Henderson: bass (1,2)
Jon Cowland: keyboard (2)
Carl Burnett: acoustic guitar (1,2)
Rocky Bryant: drums (1,2)
Lonnie Plaxico: bass (3-12)
George Colligan: keyboard (4-7, 9-12)
Marvin Sewell: acoustic guitar (3, 5, 8 ), electric guitar: (4, 6, 7,9-12)
Steve Hass: drums (4, 7, 9-12)
Kahill Kwame Bell: percussion (3-9, 11, 12)
Alexander Norris: trumpet (3)
Rachelle Garniez: accordion (8)

Artist: Kellylee Evans
Title: Fight or Flight?
Genre: Jazz
Label: Enliven! Media
CD Baby Link
Kellylee Evans’ Website

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