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Teddy Thompson

Teddy Thompson has released his fourth studio album, ‘A Piece Of What You Need’ – which includes one my favorite songs released in 2008, “In My Arms” …

Teddy Thompson

Teddy Thompson has released his fourth studio album, ‘A Piece Of What You Need’ – which includes one my favorite songs released in 2008, “In My Arms”.

I’ve been intrigued by Teddy Thompson, not only because of his talent, but because of his ability to capture a rustic and classic sound that has subtly eased into the realm of mainstream music.

It’s also good to see true musicianship is still alive and well in the 21st century. Sometimes it’s difficult to see musical camaraderie amongst the commercialization of music. Teddy is the son of musicians Richard and Linda Thompson and over the years has collaborated – and harmonized – with both of his parents, Rufus and Martha Wainwright and many others. In my opinion, he is a great example of what true musicianship is.

Read the exclusive interview for Band Weblogs:

Jenny May: Where have you found to be the best place to write songs?

Teddy Thompson: I find that the place has little to do with it, it’s the state of mind. I don’t get a lot of writing done at home but that’s because I’m traveling a lot and when I am home it’s relaxation time. So, as long as I put my mind to it and sit down to work, I can be anywhere. It does end up being hotel rooms an awful lot.

Is there a show that you played that stands out as being a favorite?

I’ve had wonderful moments on stage but I’m always sort of waiting for the great performance to come. Where everything goes brilliantly and I have a transcendent experience. It hasn’t quite happened yet so I’m still waiting for my favorite show…

You’ve worked with many wonderful artists over the years. Are there times when they’ve inspired you when coming up with song/music ideas? If so, how did their inspiration effect your music?

Yes, it’s hard to say exactly how that works. I think it’s mostly subliminal for me. We naturally absorb what’s going on around us and later on it may influence your own writing.

With the artists that you’ve worked with, there seems to be a warm community of family and friends around you which reminds me of the Carter/Cash years – something that I don’t seen very often in music. How do you think camaraderie amongst musicians has changed throughout the years?

It’s great to have friends and family in the same business, I can’t imagine what it would be like to be the only musical person in your town and family as is the case for most musicians.. But as far as a musical community, there have certainly been lots of those – LA’s Laurel Canyon in the 70’s must have been pretty cool!

Is there a musical genre that you would one day like to venture into that you haven’t yet?

I’d like to make a traditional folk record someday.

Do you enjoy solitude?

Very much. I find it hard to spend an extended period of time with anyone.

Do you prefer romantic or political songs?


Who would you like to record with that you haven’t yet?

Nobody living. LOADS of dead people! Some sort of undead jam session would be really great.

Who is your favorite male/female duet and which song?

At the moment it’s Robert Plant and Alison Krauss doing that Everly Bros song.

You’ve had songs in movies – have you ever acted in any films?

NO, acting is like, totally hard.

Any projects planned outside of music?

I am working on decorating my new apartment.

What is your idea of the best way to chill out at the end of a long tour?

I always think that it would be good to take a real vacation on a beach somewhere and truly relax but inevitably, I just want to spend time at home after being away so long.

Who is your favorite country artist of all time?

Hank Williams.

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