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I've been excited about all of the music news, reviews and Guest Music Blogger entries that have been coming our way, here at Band Weblogs. It's great to be able to keep up with music news in one place and the best thing - it's free. I would like to thank everyone who has been contributing their blog entries, and helping Band Weblogs to grow into the resourceful and informative music blog that it is today.

Musicians, bands, artists, music publicists, record companies and more have been submitting blog entries to Band Weblogs for free, for online distribution. All entries are reviewed before publication and include formal press releases about bands and their music or laid back music blog entries written by musicians.

In today's music climate, it's important for bands to find unique ways to get their music heard. I've been a firm believer in musicians taking matters into their own hands when it comes to online promotion. Of course, the more help a band can get, the better, and adding news stories, music blog entries and more to Band Weblogs is just one more way to help spread the word about up and coming bands, new releases, reviews, music videos, music blogs and more.

Not only are the entries published on Band Weblogs, but some blog entries have been featured on quality news websites like Reuters, USA Today and Austin American Statesman. The more people that read the music blog entries equals more free promotion and publicity for bands!

Dave Tommo and I host the Band Weblogs Podcast Show which features 'podsafe' music by up and coming unsigned bands and signed bands. We love doing the show and it's important to us that we play music by bands and artists that we really like. Band Weblogs Podcast Shows have been aired on CBS owned KYOU Radio and 1550AM in San Francisco as well as distributed to podcast directories around the net. Podcasts are another way for musicians to get their music 'out there'.

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For press inquiries and more, contact info at bandweblogs dot com.

Please note: all submitted entries, news and press releases will be reviewed and will only be published if approved. Not all entries will be published, and accepted submissions may be edited.

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By: Jenny May

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