Graffiti6 @ Soho House, London review + exclusive interview

Last week I went to see Graffiti6 play an exclusive acoustic showcase at Soho House in London. It was well worth the trip.


Jamie Scott and producer TommyD, aka Graffiti6, played acoustic guitars - along with Pete on acoustic bass.

The set was short but sweet, consisting of a handful of songs including the new Graffiti6 single "Annie You Save Me".

Their three part harmonies were refreshingly tight. Acoustically, "Annie You Save Me" has a rustic feel about it, circa Crosby, Stills and Nash. Jamie's soulful voice in amongst the harmonies and steady acoustic guitars was spine-tingling.

They also played "Stare Into The Sun", another song with a soulful, old school feel. It was chosen to soundtrack a TV ad campaign for The Sun. The track is also being used in major sync adverts for Dutch beer brand Heineken whilst US clothing giant Hollister are using the epic "Stone In My Heart", released earlier this year.

"Annie You Save Me" is released on July 26, 2010 and after its first play on Radio 1, Fearne Cotton commented, "A really chilled song... I don't think anything else really sounds like that out there. A different slant - really, really nice!"

TommyD and Jamie Scott from Graffiti6 exclusive interview with Jenny May:

Jenny May: How did you come up with the name Graffiti6?

Graffiti6: We invented a game called pass the book. Basically you each open a page of any random book and the first word you see, you pick. Cos there's two of us we always came up with double names. We could have been called Suitcase Announced or Felix Beast. Thank god Graffiti6 came from that. It's a good game to while away a rainy morning. That and knitting.

What is your songwriting process?

Alcohol, chocolate, crisps, cigarettes, Hulk Hands and The Sun for lyrical ideas.

Are you working on an album? Where are you recording it?

We're always working on music. You can make music wherever now even on your phone. We have a studio where all these ideas come together called the Lab O Luv. You can get lost there so it's good to get out and wander the streets to clear you head. I like playing ideas in cabs. Cab drivers have great taste. If a cabbie likes it you're onto a winner.


How have your past musical experiences affected your decision making with Graffiti6 (like not signing with a label)?

It's the modern world. Major labels have their place but we're opinionated buggers and we wanted to be the master of our own destiny. It's amazing to be able to embrace the opportunities the internet have opened up and just deal directly with the fans.

Your voices sound great together and your harmonies are tight! Who are some of your favourite singers/bands when it comes to creating harmonies?

Eagles through to the Mighty Diamonds. Harmony is the key to life. We get really carried away with stacking vocals and sometimes it ends up sounding like the Bulgarian women's choir which actually is no bad thing.

Can fans look forward to seeing you play at festivals any time soon?

We're gonna start our own called Mudfest. Basically we'll perform in a shower with our wellies on while someone throws mud at everyone.

What is artist Jimi Crayon's role in Graffiti6?

We saw Jimi's work and it just clicked with the music. I love the idea that he can grow with us, that you'll look back and see how the visual aspect of the band developed as the music did. It seems strange that bands or artists will have the same drummer or bass player but will be quite happy to chop and change the person who designs their record sleeves.

How did the 6 At The Vibe Bar club nights come about?

We wanted a venue we could showcase the music and showcase Jimi's amazing artwork. It's important that people see as well as hear the music. People completely lose it in front of the projections it's amazing.

Who are your musical and/or non-musical influences?

Hendrix, Page, Beatles, Stevie, Marvin, Buckley, Drake, Hathaway, Dury, PE, Lil Louis, Gaga and jaffa cakes.

What is it about Jimi Hendrix that you like?

He's the most complete artist. Great musician, songwriter, producer and entertainer. He was never afraid to push his ideas but at the heart he understood that you have to be funky as f*ck.

Who would you want to work with that you haven't yet and in what capacity?

David Cameron. I'd make him understand that the music business is one of the best exports we have and the support and investment we get from a succession of governments is criminal. You don't hear of anyone bailing out the musicians do you.

Where would you recommend a great party spot - anywhere in the world?

Barcelona and Buenos Aries are the best places I ever DJ'd.

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