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Doors To Aspiration - Independent Modern Rock Band From Lebanon

D.T.A=Doors To Aspiration based in El-Mina, Tripoli, Lebanon is a band created with an un-apologetic approach to non-conformity in today's music scene. D.T.A merges Rock and soft modern Rock styles to create a sound that is uniquely their own: Raw, Energetic and Edgy. D.T.A is an independent Modern Rock band whose songs express love, sadness, energy and hope. Their song lyrics deal with the subjects of social Issues, such as Love, Faithfulness, Patriotism and Joyfulness.

D.T.A's songs represent a mix of fast and powerful as well as slow and dynamic songs, in order to set them apart from the mainstream, this band strives to achieve one primary goal: Diversity. D.T.A’s songs have a breezy feel to them, upbeat and immediately likeable. After repeated listening, however, the listener will discover that something else is going on entirely that betrays the ordinary style of song writing.

D.T.A’s live shows are a breath of fresh air. Their songs are complete with interesting harmonies, unpredictable chord structures, and overall coolness... D.T.A intends to bring back the rebellious energy and spirit of Rock Bands like the Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, ZZ Top, AC/DC just to name a few - bands that left a lasting impression on music fans from different generations. D.T.A’s music is timeless, with catchy hooks, a powerful rhythm and a melodic sensibility.

D.T.A has worked tirelessly to write and record its first full release. Completed in the summer of 2005, their debut work builds a bridge between Indie Rock and Radio Pop with a sound that is unflinchingly quirky, urgent and accessible.

D.T.A’s Latest News:
We have introduced Lebanon to thousands of people all over the world whom without being in the music business may have never heard about Lebanon.

The last couple of months, Lebanon went through its toughest times ever.

We as a band wrote a song called "No Place Like Home" and we were lucky enough that the song was voted number 1 in a contest.

It seems that people all over the world are being fascinated by our song. They cry every time they listen to it.

We are the first Lebanese band ever to achieve this level of success.

Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

We're making Lebanon very proud of us.

After all, the song is a number 1 winner in a contest.

Another new song "The Champion" has been voted number 1 in the Contest.

We have won for the 2nd time this year, 1st with one of the best songs we've written so far "No Place Like Home" and now "The Champion".

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