Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Musicians

If you have a special musician in your life, then how about taking a look at this list of the Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Musicians that I've made? Even if you can't buy any of the gifts for Christmas, this is a pretty handy list of ideas for anytime. Some musicians aren't too picky about when they receive gifts.

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This list isn't in any particular order because some of the items might be more important than others depending on the musician. Also, be sure that the musician doesn't already have the item if you are thinking about buying it for them - and it may be worth consulting with them about certain gifts before you buy, such as guitars. Keep in mind, this is my personal list of Christmas gift ideas!

Okay - let's get started.

1. Acoustic guitar with a built-in pickup
Awhile back I had a Fishman pickup installed on my acoustic guitar and that was one of the best things I could have done. However, had I thought about it before I bought my guitar, I probably would have instead bought an acoustic with a built-in pickup. This means that a musician can play their acoustic guitar either unplugged or by having the pickup installed on the guitar, it can also be played plugged in which is great for recording as well as playing on stage with an amp. With the built-in pickup the option is there.

2. Small Acoustic guitar amp
A small acoustic guitar amp is great for playing in small spaces like bedrooms, open mic stages, gigs etc.

3. Apple Mac
I bought my Apple Mac a couple years ago - one of the best things that I could have done for myself. Because...

4. GarageBand
A musician won't have to spend time figuring out which is the best recording software to use for recording music because it's already installed in the Mac. GarageBand has got to be one of the easiest and yet most powerful tools for any musician. There are drum and percussion loops, guitar loops and more already installed in GarageBand with thousands at your disposal if more are purchased. Plenty of effects for vocals and guitars. GarageBand is also a great tool for recording podcasts.

5. iTunes
Again - already installed in the Mac. If a musician is using GarageBand to record music, then iTunes is necessary. The newly recorded songs get imported into iTunes which can then be converted to mp3s. This is very important if a musician wants to promote their songs on the internet! Songs can also be burnt onto cds via iTunes.

6. Midi Keyboard
One of the best additions that I've made when it comes to recording with GarageBand. With the midi keyboard, the options are there to change the effects on the keyboard's sound to organ, grand piano, electric piano, horns, drums, synths, guitar, bass and more when using recording software like GarageBand.

7. Shure SM58Shure SM58 Microphone
The Shure SM58 microphone is one of the most used and hardiest mics out there. Good for recording at home and great on stage. Works well with GarageBand. If vocals are a bit hot on the mic, just use a windscreen.

8. Guitar Strings
Now, the important thing about buying someone else bass or guitar strings is that you need to find out what their gauge is. In other words - what size and type of strings do they use? If there is an empty guitar strings package lying around the information is there. If this isn't an option then there are also ways of going about this during a conversation. The musician in your life won't suspect what you're up to. Musicians like to talk about their craft, so if you ask them casually about what type of strings they use, most likely they'll just think that you've taken more of an interest in what they're doing and will appreciate you the more for it.

9. Earplugs
Whether playing at their own gig or attending a loud concert, earplugs are beneficial for musicians in helping to prevent hearing loss. Drummers wear them, guitarists wear can show a musician that you care - buy them earplugs!

10. Spinal Tap
Every musician understands Spinal Tap - and if you know one who hasn't seen it - buy it!! One of the funniest movies ever made about musicians' lives. Even if they already have the movie on VHS tape, buy them the This Is Spinal Tap (Special Edition) DVD which has extra footage, commentary and an interview with the director, Rob Reiner.

Spinal Tap on

Spinal Tap on

Hopefully this Top 10 list will help with gift ideas for the musician in your life. I had fun making it.

Remember to support your local guitar shop and buy what you can from them!

By: Jenny May

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2 Responses to Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Musicians

  1. Werbeartikel says:

    What a cracking list of gifts! Would love all of them!! Totally agree about spinal tap, one of the funniest films ever!!

  2. alison says:

    what if he already has all of these!

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