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Legendary Rockers Electric Prunes Release New Album Feedback

Electric PrunesWhen was the last time you heard music that was indefinable, a blast from the past yet modern at the same time? Ever play a CD you knew instantly was something out of the ordinary; something special you would insatiably crave forever more? Welcome to a day in the life of an Electric Prunes fan. Welcome to Feedback, lust in a long line.

The Electric Prunes have produced three new CDs since resuming recording and playing live a few years back – Artifact, California, and now, their latest, Feedback. The echoes of the past material reverberate through every innovative cut on this new offering. It is pure unadulterated PruneTwang (which coincidentally is their indie label name) from start to finish. This band has always dodged classification. They live and play outside the box. With Feedback they continue their legacy of playing what they want, how they want.

Feedback is a visceral connection from the past to the present. And, thanks to the presence of original Prunes, James Lowe, Mark Tulin, and Ken Williams, all of garage rock’s rough edges remain intact. Refusing to cede anything to the passage of time, each track is full of fuzz, tremolo, vibrato, and attitude; a classic Electric Prunes recording. This is the best garage, psych, twang, blues, and rock music your ears could possibly absorb in one sitting. Be warned, Feedback takes advanced listening.

Each of the 10 cuts on this CD offers an individual and unique Electric Prune vision of their world. Firmly rooted in the past but with an eye to the future the band proves that a rock heart and spirit are timeless. “Too Much To Dream” (1966) and “Morhpine Drip” (2007) reveal tremolo never sleeps. The quirky “African Bees “ (2006) shows the same sense of the ironic that marked “Dr. Do-Good “ (1967); the iconoclastic “Batch Of Violins” (2007) offers a tip of the hat to “Sold To The Highest Bidder” (1966). Yet, while embracing their musical past, they are not content to rest on history. “I’ll Give You Feed Back”, “Itzomad” and “Flying Blind” would be innovative and enjoyably disturbing even if you had never heard “Get Me To The World On Time” (1966).

Many of the bands from the 60’s are stuck there. Feedback is auditory evidence that The Electric Prunes continue to create, grow, and transform. If you are already a fan of the band, you will not be disappointed. If you are not a fan yet, you will be. Visit the Electric Prunes website for all kinds of swag and listen to their cool jukebox for a taste of the legend. Then, get Feedback, lust in a long line.

Contact: Pamela Lowe
Company: PruneTwang
Address: EP Underground P.O. Box 1237 – Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Tel: 714-845-6603
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