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Lance Reegan-Diehl Chasing My Reflection review

Lance Reegan-DiehlLance Reegan-Diehl gave me what I have been asking for, an entire album of instrumental tracks. Chasing My Reflection is a compilation of tracks dating back to 1992 all the way through 2006.

What I like about this recording is that you can focus in on the pure talent of this man. There are no vocals to take you somewhere else; it is all instrumentation coming at you from every angle, sometimes right in your face and in other instances very subtly. Any way you look at it, the diverse talent of LRD gets the spotlight from start to finish.

The 13 tracks encompassing this incredible compilation are a mixture of rockin' riffs, jazz tones, hypnotic blues, and a fusion of all those elements. I looked at the credits for all the tracks and on nearly every one Lance plays guitar, drums, bass, and keys. In some instances, he does not get any help whatsoever, he just cuts loose on every instrument solo and proves that his adeptness and understanding of every instrument is exceptional.

"Drivin Heaven" is great kickoff track, it gets you all warmed up and ready to rock, and that feeling stays with you because the energy level is maintained even though the styles switch up frequently. I am particularly fond of "Limey Blues," it proves unequivocally why rock music came into being in the first place. "Frenzy" comes packed with high energy riffing, well the title says it all-enough said. Another giveaway by the title alone is "Freestyle," which really puts an artist like LRD into proper perspective. He is all about doing it freestyle and having the confidence to let it rip, knowing that it is going to come out sounding fantastic. I have no doubt at this point after getting to know the man and his music that he is capable of incredible things with the six-string or any other instrument he picks up. He is humble and spiritually centered and that in and of itself is a recipe for success regardless of what life path you take. As listeners, we are blessed with an angel of music.

This is great compilation and I highly recommend checking out the LRD catalog so you can experience the awesome talent and diversity this indie artist offers. Dr. Diehl Music Doctor has a prescription for you, and it guarantees full-blown addiction after just one listen.

Artist: Lance Reegan-Diehl
Title: Chasing My Reflection
Genre: Instrumental Rock-Blues-Jazz-Fusion
Label: LRD Music
CD Baby Link

01. Drivin Heaven
02. Much Too Crazy
03. The Doctor is in (Dr.Diehl M.D.)
04. Green Fingers
05. Ode To Mr.Happy
06. Rok Climb
07. Freestyle
08. Rise in the West
09. Am in Love
10. Limey Blues
11. Dad's Song
12. Frenzy
13. My Blue Shoes


Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

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