Tim Young Band 'The Cost' updated

Previously noted on Band Weblogs, a release date was announced for Tim Young Band's, 'The Cost' as summer 2007. However, production, as it sometimes does, has it's own ideas about time. The latest news pushes the release date to early autumn 2007.

Slow but steady progress is the status quo. Anyway the now anticipated delays have already begun to cause a greater anticipation for the album's actual release. Producer Mark Meisel is being amazingly flexible as he works out the production details with artist Tim Young.

"It's a real gift," Young says, "to work with a producer who is so totally supportive of the material and open to other ideas." It's this collaboration between Meisel and Young that is inspiring 'The Cost' to the next level.

Mark Meisel and Bob Becker are the brain trust behind Counterclockwise Music. Their decision to work with Tim Young Band has been a major highlight of 2007. Counterclockwise Music is based in Detroit, Michigan and may be found on the web at Counterclockwisemusic.net

Further updates to Tim Young Band may be found at timrocksweb.com

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