Party Dark EXCLUSIVE interview: J-Rock and Randy

Party Dark is J-Rock and Randy, former members of the R&B / Hip hop chart toppers Big Brovaz.

Party Dark

Recently signed to Champion Records, Party Dark hit the UK Dance charts with their debut single "Is That You". Set to release their latest club hit "Let's Go", the video is already being played on MTV, Kiss, Smash Hits and The Box.

Party Dark interview with Jenny May

Jenny May: Is J-Rock from the States? How did you end up living in England?

J-Rock: Yes, I was born in Washington DC to parents of Ghanian descent. I ended up in the UK because of my parents deciding to move to this country to be closer to my Dad's family who are actually Liverpudlians (from Liverpool).

What would make for the perfect party?

J-Rock: For me the perfect party consists of a great DJ line up, alcoholic beverages and all my best friends being in attendance. I love to party hard all night till the sun comes up!!!

Randy: Vibes always makes the party, so a good DJ playing Party Dark music is a must. Then you have to have the ladies. About 3-1 women to men ratio is about right. Good friends around is always better. Then last but by no means least the ah ah ah ah alcohol.

Where do you go to unwind?

J-Rock: If I can't get away I love going to Alto, which is a night club just off of Carnaby Street in the West End. The vibe is always good in the club, and there is always a good mix of people who all come for one have a GOOD TIME!!!!

Randy: My mom's place is the place for that. Always good food and friends round so it is really nice there.

What is your songwriting process? (Do you write lyrics together?)

J-Rock: Our song writing process is different in the sense that we love to come up with lyrics on the spot, which I guess comes from having a strong hip-hop/freestyle background. Sometimes we write individually and bring the ideas to the table, but usually we write together and bounce ideas off one another. It helps for consistency and holds us all together on the same wave length.

How and when did you first start performing music?

J-Rock: I've always wanted to be a performer, so I've always taken it seriously!!! I started performing at the age of 8 doing school talent shows and local events, and soon developed a passion for writing rap music and rhymes in general. I got my first break in music rapping on re-mixes for Damage, MN8 and Beverly Knight in the early 90's when I was a teenager.

Randy: I used to mc as my friend dj'd on his bedroom equipment. He thought I was really good and told me. Started writing my rhymes down. I started writing, then the rest is history.

Watch "Let's Go" video:

Do you enjoy video shoots? Do you have any input in the filming of your videos - location/concept etc.?

J-Rock: I absolutely LOVE doing music videos!!! There's a certain satisfaction you get from putting images and movement to a song, even when the two don't necessarily coincide. I love the videos when we get to have sexy models walking around in next to nothing the best, they always keep our spirits up (as well as other things).

Randy: I love video shoots. Especially the ones that involve us wearing costumes and doing some acting. It's just a chance to have a bit of fun and have pretty girls dancing around me all day. We do have input but I usually like to get the director to get his vision across coz if I did get too involved there would just be half naked women everywhere.

You've recently signed to Champion Records. How has that been going?

J-Rock: Signing with Champion Records has been all good so far and I have no complaints. I think right now we're helping each other in the sense that we're both building our profiles at the same time and everything we do together has been mutually beneficial. We both (the label and the group) come from successful backgrounds, and we're both passionate about getting back to where we were in terms of success, and we're both making positive steps towards that.

Randy: I love Champion records. They allow us to be us and back us 100%. We both understand that this is a building process so nobody expects it to be an overnight success which allows us to be passionate about our music without worrying about single sales. We work well as a team.

Watch "Is That You?" - Official uncut video:

Your debut single "Is That You" is a great dance track. What was it like the first time you heard it played in a club? Where were you?

J-Rock: The first time I heard "Is That You" in the club, I brought it with me to the venue and insisted the DJ play it!!! It was immediately after we had recorded it and I was really excited and I wanted to see the crowd's reaction when it came on. The place went crazy and everyone was bubbling to the tune!! I knew from that moment we were on to something special and potentially BIG...

Randy: We was in a club in Colchester when we first heard our track played. It was good to just see people going crazy not even knowing that it was our record. That's the best way to gage a record. We just hide in the back and watch how people react. It is really fulfilling when your hard work is felt on the dance floor.

Do you miss Big Brovaz? Do you stay in touch with the other members? Will you ever reform?

J-Rock: I miss Big Brovaz immensely and more and more each day. I still talk to the girls who went on to become "Booty Luv" quite regularly. I think the fans might be pleasantly surprised to see a collaboration on the "Party Dark" album, and yes, maybe in years to come we will reform. Big Brovaz was more than just a group, we were like family and we always will be!!!

Randy: I do miss big brother in some ways and not so much in other ways. I miss the fans and the love they showed but I don't miss the restriction imposed on us by the label creative wise. We all still stay in touch and as for a reunion you know what they say. Never say never.

Are you going to be on a TV show on Channel 4 soon? Which program and when will it air?

J-Rock: At present we are working with Maroon Productions and Channel 4, on potentially 5 new programmes which will be starting to air in 2011. I can't go into the premiss of these shows yet, as they would like to keep that information secret for now, but as soon as possible I'll be the first to spill the beans... ;-)

Randy: We have written our own programme for C4. This is still in negotiation stage so can't say too much about that but I can say this: "it's amazing". :)

Party Dark have done a mixtape with Choice FM's DJ Hotsteppa which also features Bradley from S Club 7 MC'ing (full tracklisting/details on

Party Dark Vs. Hotsteppa MixTape:

Here are J-Rock and Randy's top ten artist lists:

J Rock

10. Snoop Dogg
9. 50 Cent
8. Kanye West
7. Drake
6. Pharrell
5. Diddy
4. Notorious BIG
3. Lil Wayne
2. Eminem
1. Jay-Z

Ok Randy top 10 fave artist. Hard. Mmm...

10. Otis Redding
9. Stevie Wonder
8. 50 Cent
7. Biggie Smalls
6. Lauryn Hill
5. 2Pac
4. Jay-Z
3. Jodeci/H-Town (tied at 3rd)
2. Eminem
1. Michael Jackson
I prob forgot some people who I really love but that's the jist of it. I love so many tracks so fave tracks is a lot harder. Let's just say any song from anyone in my top 10 artists. :)

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