Aaron Schroeder interview

Aaron Schroeder

Aaron Schroeder is set to release his second album, ‘Black & Gold’, which features guest appearances by Justin Meldal-Johnsen (Beck, Air, Ladytron), Ben Barnett from Kind Of Like Spitting (Barsuk Records, Hush Records), Jeremy Castillo from the Los Angeles based rock band Mighty Six Ninety, and Tyler Blake from the DJ-remix duo Young Americans. Instruments used on ‘Black & Gold’ include lap-steel guitars, cellos, accordions, violins, banjos, musical saws, clarinet, mandolins, tubas and bells [...]

The Polyphonic Spree ‘The Fragile Army’ release + meet the band competition!

The Polyphonic Spree

The new album’s title was given to the group by director/filmmaker/artist Mike Mills, whose 2005 film Thumbsucker was scored by the Polyphonic Spree’s Tim DeLaughter. ‘The Fragile Army’ reveals a collection of sonic blasts filtered through The Polyphonic Spree’s trademark sound: an unorthodox blend of brass, strings, choir and auxiliary rock elements [...]

Airborne creates a little jazz ‘Turbulence’ with new CD


‘Turbulence’, the fifth CD from Airborne, the multi-cultural contemporary jazz group from New Haven, Connecticut, roars in like the wind and sea on a force of high-energy contemporary jazz with a musical atmosphere that is intense and complex. Awakening a spirit of peaceful serenity, the beautiful jazz sound is an island of passion and urban emotion [...]

Pet Buffalo – Independent Variable review

Don’t you wish you had your own Pet Buffalo? Well… probably not, but I do have something better; a band with that peculiar (eccentric) name, and the best part about it is they are high-grade. Their new release Independent Variable is loaded with emotionally drenched bluesy rock and folk tracks. The lead singer, Teri Hitt, […]

Pagan Wanderer Lu – Build Library Here (or else!)

Pagan Wanderer Lu

Brainlove Records are proud to present ‘Build Library Here (or else!)’, a reissued version of Pagan Wanderer Lu’s 2005 album. Following on the heels of his acclaimed 2006 EP “The Independent Scutineer”, this CD offers highlights of PWL’s prolific recording career to date, making six years of back-catalogue available to new listeners [...]

David Ford new album Songs For The Road set for release on Independiente

David FordStrident, resistant and ceaselessly melodic, ‘Songs For The Road’ is the second album from David Ford, released on Independiente on October 15th 2007. If his critically acclaimed debut was born of reflection in his basement bound home studio, the triumphant swell of ‘Songs For The Road’ is cut from the breadth of his encounters on the subsequent tour [...]

Daisy Goes Green at Y-Not Festival

Daisy Goes Green have been slowly making their presence felt on the Manchester scene over the past 12 months. They’ve been busy, and this particularly sunny weekend in Derbyshire, England was no different. The occasion was the Y-Not Festival, a small-but-growing independent three-day festival showcasing the best new talent around. So I packed my sunscreen […]

The Love Kills Theory to play The Annex NYC August 11

The Love Kills Theory will be playing The Annex, 152 Orchard Street (between Rivington and Stanton Streets), NYC on Saturday, August 11, 2007 at 10 PM. Admission is $8., and the venue phone is 323-673-3410. The Annex NYC Website. The Love Kills Theory is a New York City-based punk group, who deals with philosophical and […]

Cool band alert: The Ghost Frequency + Nightmare video + tour dates

I’ve been listening to The Ghost Frequency, and I’m really liking their sound. They’re an electro, foot stompin’, head bangin’, cool rocking band from London. Is there a new trend happening? It seems electro has been creeping it’s way into the airwaves at a higher rate than normal recently and I’m beginning to have a […]